Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bye Old Friend

G casually asked to shave off his mohawk.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Bring Out the Funk

So, I've been wrestling with this funk as of late. It started off feeling just a bit off and has grown into frustration and discontent. Lord have mercy on me - I KNOW I need to be more appreciative of my life so I can't explain the roots of my funk other than just feeling down. The good news is as last, I'm coming out of it.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I was whining to my BFF, Rhiannon, in the STL - and she said to grab my kids and my camera, go to a park and just start shooting (she knows me so well). I did what Dr. Rhiannon ordered and here is what came of it...

This reminds me of The Poky Little Puppy and how he always smelled dessert from way across the meadow.

For the love of black and white!

He is still very much a playful puppy.

And when I look at him, I still see the 4 month old dumpling we adopted just over a year ago.

His expression in this one cracks me up!

I know, I'm weird about my dog.

Baby in the Belly

Ethan: Mommy, when was I baby in your belly?

Me: When? 2006

Ethan: I didn't see it.

Me: What? As in, you didn't see the inside of my belly?

Ethan: Yeah.

Me: Well, it was dark, and you probably wouldn't remember anyway.

Ethan: Yeah. And maybe I slept a lot too.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mom's Day

How did it get away from me to post this?

Gabriel decorated a cake for me at school. Unfortunately, it got jostled on the bus. But it was delicious anyway!

This isn't Mother's Day related. Ethan looks funny falling into the couch while he watches his shows.

On Mother's Day I ran my 5k and placed first in my division. Apart from that we didn't do much, laid around the house, went out to eat, the usual Sunday stuff. It was nice to have a low key day.

Mama Bird

A darling mama bird built her nest on our fence. After this shot, I tried to sneak a little closer but scared her off. So then I crept up and peered into her nest (at a safe distance so my human smell doesn't get all over her homestead). There was a sweet little white egg in there. Oh! I wish I had my smaller lens at that moment!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Gabe's Favorite Books and a Post about Your Parents

(Note: None of the Look Inside links work, I just borrowed these images from Amazon)

Last week, I had a very bittersweet moment. I walked into the library to pick up some books for the family and instead of turning right to go into the Children's Library, I turned left. I went into the main library - the library for every other reader besides a child. I went to the young adult section. Gabriel has outgrown picture books and early readers. While I delight in his love for reading, its a little sad that he has moved on so early.

Here are his favorite books!

It all started with Big Fat Cow That Goes Kapow by Andy Griffiths. I saw a review for this book and requested it from the library (which meant that instead of turning left or right, I went straight ahead to the Holds shelf, I had no idea where among the Dewey Decimal system this book originated). Its a hard back book, over 100 pages. Very grown up looking. He ate this book.

Then he moved on to Ook and Gluk Kung Fu Cavemen From the Future by Dav Pilkey. The same fella wrote the popular Captain Underpants series. Gabriel liked this book but I have to say that I did not. Besides that the characters were mostly rude (I can handle being a little bit rude for a laugh, bc let's face it, people fart and sometimes its funny) the words weren't spelled properly. Ok, maybe the writer thought it would be easier for a younger audience if he wrote the words phonetically (I'm speculating) but I didn't like that because he is so young so he needs to learn the words the correct way before we go using K instead of a hard C and so on.

So I didn't like that book for Gabriel so we went back to the author of Big Fat Cow. He wrote another book along the same vein as Cow called The Cat on The Mat is Flat.

This was a hoot for Gabriel. This is the first book that left his night stand to accompany him to restaurants and boring shopping trips. (Can you tell that I am beaming while I write this? If only I could buy groceries and read a book at the same time!)

After this book, he went on to Stink. Stink is Judy Moody's little brother and he has his own series of books. Gabriel loved this one so much he finished all 160 pages in 2 days. This is the book where I realized he isn't a Children's Library kind of kid anymore. I found the review online and instead of requesting it from the library I thought I'd go and check the shelf because I knew I would be at the library that day anyway. What a shock when it wasn't in the early readers part of the library! A good shock. Maybe just a wee little sad shock. But mostly good. They can't stay little forever!

He came home from school with a request. He somehow heard of this book series, Hank the Cowdog. So I requested one and when I picked it up I thought, "Holy CowDog, I think he's getting in over his head." This book has few illustrations, long chapters and normal sized font. But he wanted it. And guess what? He read it and LOVED it! This summer we'll borrow some more from this series! Really, there are 57 books in this series. He can read them till he gets dizzy! This particular story was about a bad drought in Texas and some mysterious fires. It was very appropriate reading for our current drought situation.

For Gabriel's end of school year prize, I purchased the Diary of a Wimpy Kid box set (the first 4 books). He doesn't know and its a surprise so don't tell him! But I think he will really enjoy these books. They are right down his alley!

And for future reading, we saw Big Nate books on display at Walmart so he is likely to read these as well. They look like something he would like!

Is it a little sad that my sweet Baby Gabey is growing up and growing out of picture books? Yes. But it is also really cool to have real grown up conversations with him about books. He will tell me about what he is reading but I like to ask him why he likes certain things about a book and why he doesn't like them. He doesn't know this quite yet (because he is still finishing up 1st grade) but I'm prepping him for writing book reports (which is just a junior version of book reviews) (not that I'm encouraging him to go in any career direction) (he is only 6 years old after all, much too young to think seriously about preparing for his future).

And one more thing about Gabriel: He started a blog! Indeed. He loves taking his little digital point and shoot on adventures and he's been begging to start a blog of his own to share his pictures so I finally gave in. He's learning basic photo editing with Piknik and posting his pictures online! Maybe he will be a photographer like his dear old mom. Photography or writing or reviewing, he might do it all on a blog! (or 3 blogs, like his mom!)

As a mom of boys, I sometimes get sad that I didn't have a daughter to be my own mini me (this is my ego talking). My boys are nearly obsessed with being like daddy. And that's terrific because their daddy is terrific. But sometimes (here comes my ego again), I wish someone would want to be like me (but not as in putting on makeup or wearing heels, that would be weird for boys). They both like exercising, hiking, running, like me (and like daddy, well, not the running part). And now Gabriel has taken reading to the next level (like me and like daddy). But now he also likes photography.

Come to think of it, when I was his age, I wanted to do things my dad was interested in: camping, paddling, running, tennis, chess. As an adult, I've gotten into history and politics, like my dad. I guess gender doesn't play as big of a role in relating to your parents or even in being the son (or daughter) of your mom (and dad) as it seems on the surface.

What are your thoughts? How did you want to be like your parents when you were little?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Busy Student

PW Colorized

Coffee Shop Attic Vintage

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

Marshmallow Test Part 2

Remember way back when Gabriel took the marshmallow test? If you don't, you can watch it here... (about 6 minutes long)

Ethan is now old enough to be subject to the marshmallow test. Actually, kids are only supposed to take it one time. But the first time Ethan took it (and failed) my camera messed up the recording. So he got it to take it again several days later.

Oh, and if you're not sure what the marshmallow test is, you can read about it here.

Behold, Ethan's marshmallow test.

Friday, May 6, 2011

One of the guys


I fiiiinally created a blog for my photography business! Click on over and check it out!