Sunday, August 31, 2008

science center

Parents magazine listed the top ten Science Centers in the nation and St. Louis was #5! So, we had to go. There was a really cool movie about dinosaurs on at the Omnimax and an exhibit called Monsters! that showed different monsters from movies. It was very boy oriented, they loved it.


looks like something from a dean koontz novel - it is a kangaroo, if you can't tell

Fun things

-Gabriel has taught my parents what a barking spider is.

-Gabriel to Papa, "Do you know the first rule of soccer?"
"No, what is it?"
"Don't use your hands. What is the first rule of basketball?"
Papa to Gabriel, "I don't know."
"Maybe it's Don't use your feet."

-Ethan to Romeo, "Momeo!"

-My mom has two hummingbird feeders that the kids are spellbound by. They sit in the window and watch flocks (?) of hummingbirds take turns at the feeders. Also, there are a number of deer and other woodland creatures on their property that the kids are delighted by.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Lunch Date

V and I went to Aunt Charlotte's for lunch. It has been a very long time. I didn't see her last time I came and I didn't go to Uncle Vincent's funeral because it just wasn't feasible for me to travel then. It felt so good to see her. There are few women as classy as she. Over eighty and full of life, she learned how to mow her lawn and talks about Uncle Vincent a lot. There is always something to learn about her and from her. Today, for instance, I learned that she and Uncle Vincent were the first people in Mascoutah to own a color television.

"If Vincent were alive, I know he would say, 'Charlotte, you have to have to have this.'"

Picnic in the Park

inside the milk carton

my brother's monkey

getting ready to leave

G Helps in the Garden

Cookies and Yoga

Gabriel and Ma'am made cookies together!

In the morning I went to my dad's school. He is a BD (Behavioral Disorder) teacher at a local high school. He asked me to teach yoga for his ART (Anger Replacement Therapy) class. Students are bussed in from two other area high schools that do not have BD programs. I was nervous at first since I have never taught this audience before but it went over really well. The students said they wanted me to come every week. I can't manage that but I hope they are all interested in learning more about yoga on their own.

It was so weird going in there because it looked so schoolish. I haven't been in school since I was in school. College classrooms are drab and look like conference rooms.

My dad does a really good job with these kids. It was so neat watching him in action. He has such a passion for education and such compassion for kids - especially ones with problems. Maybe he is a little older than most first year teachers but its better to find one's purpose late than never.

my dad's classroom door

After I got home from that I ran a mile and a half in 15:24. Jogging on my old routes is doing wonders for my time.

child's pose

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dream Camera

So fed up of my camera; always so slow to focus, so slow to process - and those shadows! Did a little research and found my dream camera...

With this lens...

And throw this one in too since I'm dreaming...

G hanging out at home

G looking at the "map" while he puts his new puzzle together (Thanks, Nicky!)

Can you believe that Beavis and Butthead was so long before his time? My prayer for my children, that they may never know Beavis and Butthead... ;-)

Different shades of Ethan

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dialogue with a 4 year old

Mommy: Want to go with me to the store?

4 year old: Mmmm..... how about you take me to yoga class instead.

Mommy: There is no yoga class right now, but you can come to the store and help me pick something out for dinner.

4 year old: That's ok, I'll wait for you here until you are going to yoga class.

(yoga isn't until monday)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Fingerpainting Gone Wild

Ethan still lacks experience with fingerpaint - but we're getting there. He has only tried one or two times under the strictest supervision. Tonight I thought I would let him paint in the same way I would let his brother paint when he was that age. What a mess!

Here is what happens when mother walks from table to the sink to fetch a damp paper towel.

Ethan, rather than painting the page, turned his "palette" over and painted the table. The palette is the paper on the left, his page to paint on is the paper on the right. Very minimalist, like his mother. Decidedly more paint graced the table than the canvas.

He was quite proud.

Gabriel, the 'responsible artist' decided that he is grown up enough to help himself to more paint - not that he needed any. Here is what he managed to do in about ten seconds...

His palette became a royal mess as did his picture, which sadly was introduced to the trash can. As for the photo below, that is a bona fide hand shaped blob.

I love Crayola! I'm sure that I've blogged about this before. How frustrating for moms from the days of yore (ie. the 70's, sorry mom) who didn't have the luxury of washable paints, markers and crayons. How many times have I washed all of the above off my walls, furniture, clothes, skin or cat? Maybe my mom and others from that time and before were more stringent about the rules of art time. Come to think of it, I remember doing a lot of projects in the backyard. Crayola claims 'washability you can trust' - the next time I indulge in an adult beverage, that will, for sure, be my next toast. Here's to Crayola.

Argh Matey

Thursday, August 21, 2008

G Bday Bash

There were kids.

There was finger painting.

There were games.

There were prizes.

There was no birthday boy...

It was like a very sad re-run of last Thanksgiving. G got sick the night before. We hoped he would feel better by the party, but alas, he did not. Most of the party he spent either on the living room rug or in GG's lap in the living room while the party carried on outside.

He perked up a little towards the end when it was time to smash the pinata.

Mitchell finished off what the little kids failed to do.

Hayley helped by holding the pinata and here she is emptying the wheels.

I hooked up some instructors from the Taekwondo school down the street to come give a demo. Thankfully I know someone who knows someone or else this might not have happened and it was so cool! (Thank you Claranell and Josh!)

Then we went inside for birthday cupcakes.
G got tired again.

E enjoyed his cupcakes.

Benjamin doing karate - too cute!

Ethan and daddy playing while everyone else was having a good time at the ice cream bar.