Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More Bday Parties!

Some people really know how to have a good party. And I should mention that the hostess's BIL made pina coladas - from scratch. Mmmm......

Monday, September 28, 2009

New Roommate

He is really old.

He is really large.

He is really hairy.

He is Larson.

Ethan really likes him.

He belongs to Simon, our person roommate, who just last weekend traveled up to St. Louis to get his things out of storage and his dog out of his mom's house.

Larson is a really good boy and we are all excited to have him here!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Where I've Been Hiding

  • the bathroom
  • the laundry room
  • the kitchen
  • the car
  • PTA meetings
  • Costco
  • Super Target
  • Dr.'s office
  • the gym
  • bible class (what was I thinking when I signed up for TWO studies?)
  • (for those of you who don't know, bible studies each come standard with five days of in depth homework covering things like orginal hebrew [or greek, as the case may be], geography, history of the politics at that time - not to mention the theology and personal application of scripture)
Dear friends of the blogsosphere,

How I have missed blogging regularly like I used to! It just seems so hectic now. I realize that even though I have one kid in school now, life should be simpler - and yet it is not. I seem to have less time in the day and more to do. How is this possible? Well, I don't know. But one thing is for sure, I miss you guys and all your snark. I struggle to stay current on the zombie threat. And I have a fresh copy of Julie & Julia collecting dust on my night stand. I think of you often and steal as much time as I can to read the latest four or five posts that I missed on any given blog.

Fiber optic hugs and kisses!


PS. If I haven't been to your blog lately (and you would know) I miss you. You know who you are!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Goodnight my cherubim

Tonight, I laid in bed with my boys. By light of lava lamp and PJ clad, we three cuddled and chatted until they fell asleep and all that was left to be heard were the sounds of Luna's Bewitched album playing softly in the background. The same album that played in my college dorm room - how distant and unreal it seemed that I would use that same CD to lull my babies to sleep one day.

They drifted asleep and I remembered the days they were each born. I remembered bringing them home and the challenges that faced us ... in those days.

In a way, it seemed easier when they were infants. They were completely dependent and if there was crying we would run down the check list and start trying to figure out what exactly would get them to stop crying: diaper, hungry, cold, hot, bored, fever, teething (?). It wasn't easier to live sleep deprived, I will give them that - but they hadn't yet developed personalities and there was no need for psychology - except on myself in my insanity by sleep deprivation state.

Now they are big boys. They are 5 and 2 years old. It goes by so fast - its almost unfair. Except that it is fair - because time has never moved slower or faster for any mother in history. The clock ticks the same in 2009 as it did in 1977, 1949, and 1931. It will tick the same in 2029 too.

I watched my little one as he slept. I watched his little face as he peacefully gave in to slumber and his little chubby, toddler hands loosen their grip around his favorite pillow. The thought crept in that as I get older, I might forget that moment. I might forget how their hands felt when they reached up to hold hands. Or the warmth of their little bodies when they snuggle up with me on the couch to watch cartoons. Or the sounds of their giggles and of their young voices. Tonight, Ethan asked me, in his sweet two year old voice and slightly broken (yet native) English, "Mommy, may I have a book please?" While I might write those words down to remember always, I will probably forget the pitch of his voice and the inflection of his words, the expression on his face. Gabriel asked if he could get down from the bed to get a book as well. After he was granted permission, he came over to me, hugged me tightly around my leg and said in his sweet five year old voice, "I didn't really want a book, I just wanted to get out of bed to give you a hug." The thought that I will, one day, forget these times, breaks my heart.

How much of this can I soak in before I start to overflow? How can I hold on to each and every moment? It can't be possible. But for now, I am trying to memorize every single moment.

Monday, September 21, 2009

the healing power of laughter

Laughing is contagious. If you need a good laugh, check this out.

(Thanks,Stiletto Mom for posting this on your site where I could easily rip it off and make my own blog post out of it!)

Monday, September 14, 2009

RTT: the random corners of my mind

Happy Tuesday! Click on this lovely - ok, not so pretty - button and head over to the Un-Mom's for more random things - if you can stand it. Can you stand it?


This is my 300th post.

Working with the PTA, I spend a lot of time with other moms / strangers and noticed how white the teeth of other moms are. Why is this? Do they not consume as much coffee as I do? Do they get their teeth professionally done?

I heard that your teeth can give away your age. As do your hands and neck.

I am currently whitening my teeth.

And then maybe I'll start using my Mary Kay miracle set on my hands as well.

Do you want to see some pictures?

These are from Mitchell's bday party a couple of weeks ago.

I got a ton of great shots that day but I think that they might come across as boring to others. So you can settle on my top 5.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


found gabriel's doppelganger in an ad in the latest issue of Parent's magazine. quite a resemblance!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

RTT: music to my ears


welcome to another edition of RTT where i spew out some random stuff that is clogging my brain pipes.

Remember the Uncle Tupelo, Sonvolt, Wilco drama? i was reminded of it in the latest issue of Relevant. i was a little on the young and main stream side when this occured. like most of the public, at first i preferred son volt and then wilco. in those days i was always someone's little sister. (now i am someone's mom)

I hail from Belleville, IL.

I sang with jay farrar's brother in jazz clubs in st. louis.

It didn't last long bc I am a horrible singer.

But what I lack in talent I make up for in enthusiasm.

My brother is an amazing guitarist. He used to play in jazz clubs as well.

One of my BFF's, Beth, is an amazing singer. And her hubs plays guitar and drums. its so totally fun and musical to hang out with them.

I bought my hubs bongos for father's day. he has yet to use them.

i should have learned my lesson from christmas 2007 when i bought him a guitar.

that guitar is still sitting in our closet.

My favorite website on the web that is a site for web surfing.

Found an album in my itunes that i had forgotten about. its awesome. you should totally download it. Its the beastie boys 2007 instrumental album called The Mix Up.

Latest tunes I take to the gym:

Artist - song

dj kool - let me clear my throat
fatboyslim - weapon of choice
tribe called quest - can i kick it
public enemy - he got game
house of pain - jump around
ll cool j - mama said knock you out
run dmc - its tricky
citizen cope - let the drummer kick
living colour - cult of personality
rob dougan - clubbed to death
beyonce - halo

(which of these things is not like the other - lalalaaaaa)

videos i am really into right now (thank you domino records)

thus concludes the random tunes buzzing around in my head. now if you will excuse me, i must pick out some songs for tonight's yoga class. how about songs sung by shamu?