Monday, October 8, 2012

Photo Shoot With Scout

This is Scout.

He is our stray that followed me home from a jog one evening.

He drives me crazy with his anxiety issues.

But I understand that's common with rescue dogs.

Other than that - he is much like a cat... the sense that he mainly lays around all day.

ATC: Twofer! Autumn and Rackspace

I missed a few weeks of updates. Well, I missed one week of ATC and posting the two that we actually did.

So, with no further ado - behold the fruits of "Autumn"

"Fall Tree" by Gabriel
by Ethan - he explained that this is a fall bush with a tiger

by Ethan - we are so lucky because he also created on the back. This is an autumn tiger.
by Rebecca. I was going for a wrapping paper kind of look.

On to our next theme! It was Rackspace. Now I know that's not totally fair because not everyone knows or cares about Rackspace. But we sure do! Anyway it's still fair because as of right now  - no one else is participating (that we know of).

We were inspired during a recent visit to the Rack. There is already so much creativity and inspiration oozing out of the building. So we made it an ATC theme. 

Rackspace logo by Gabriel

by Ethan - Rackspace slide

Rackspace logo by Ethan

"Slide" by Rebecca (with the Rackspace guy on it.
I think perhaps Ethan's inspiration may have been his own interpretation of what G and I were doing on this one.

The next ATC theme will be .... Picasso!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Little Tennis Pro

Waiting for the balls at his first lesson!

He didn't miss even one!

At this lesson they learned to hit the ball like this, some coordination drills and the forehand. Pretty good for a day's work!