Sunday, September 28, 2008


B understandably needed some time at home undisturbed to job search. We packed a picnic and scrounged up enough dollar bills from jeans pockets and quarters from the couch for admission and we took off for the zoo!

What a great day for the zoo. Warm, sunny, maybe only low 90's so we weren't melting in the heat.

G spent the entire drive talking about the STL zoo, which worried me because that zoo is so freaking awesome, was the bar set too high? Do I over analyze? Yes. He didn't notice that the SA zoo pales in comparison. Although I did decide that when B gets another job and our life gets back to normal, I will pitch to him the idea that we should plan our family vacations around visiting the zoos of America and abroad! How cool would that be? I would probably start a whole new blog just for zoo pictures and info.

For now, we are in the SA zoo.

In the reptile house, I played with my camera settings for a few minutes to try to find the best one for shooting through the glass. Oh how I long for my Nikon D80. One day, my love, one day. Do not lose hope for we shall be united, even if we must wait another five years and you are bought on Craig's List.

We had lunch with these guys...
We had a couple of dollars to spare so G got this cool wax giraffe. Later Boudreaux ate it, along with a blue crayon. Colorful snack, if not inedible.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

from the mouths of babes

We had a bowl of Cheerios before bedtime.

Gabriel said, "Thank you God."

I smiled, how sweet. I love that he remembers to thank God even for a snack.

Then he said, "What's that God? Did you say 'you're welcome?' Ok, I'll tell her. Mommy, God said you're welcome."


Ok, he's not exactly "ours" yet. He is living with us on a trial basis since our last dog didn't work out.

His name is Boudreaux. He is half Beagle, half Boxer. So far he is working out great! He is a bit camera shy so catching any shots of him at all was a chore. Here are some just to show you what he looks like.

You will notice the pink on the whites of his eyes and nose. It is also on all the parts of him that aren't covered by fur. He has allergies. Gabriel looked at his behind - which is also pink - and said, "Look, Boudreaux has diaper rash!"

Boys will be Boys

The boys went into the backyard and thought it would be a good idea to dig holes. They didn't get into too much trouble because:

1. One day they might be digging trenches or wells for the Peace Corps -lest I discourage them.

2. They were so cute.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fun in the Park

Doesn't a picnic at the park sound pleasant and fun? We picked up some Lunchables at HEB. Never again. Lunchables are awful! I try to stay away from all forms of negativity on this blog - some times more successfully than others, but Lunchables might be suitable as high end doggy snacks, not for human consumption.

Ethan ate them anyway.

After he played hard on the playground, he went to climb boulders almost as big as he is...You would think that Gabriel wasn't with us - he was, he just moved far too fast for me to get a good shot of him.

Coffee, scones, friends

My MIL was in Costa Rica for what felt like (to me) a very long time! Her original return flight was delayed several days due to the hurricanes. But at last she returned.

Initially I invited her over for the two of us to catch up over coffee and scones. Somehow I ended up inviting more women and it became an informal welcome home party!

Gabriel put GG to work

Aruni came over

Primrose joined us, then caught up on her reading about Pilates.

My MIL, we all started getting silly with our cameras / camera phones.

Tall Rebecca taking a picture

Gabriel generously offers his input

Ethan got bored with all of us ladies

Home School Perks

Gabriel finished his first home school workbook. To keep his motivation I started awarding him a trip to the treasure chest for every workbook he completes.

This is the old treasure chest. Ma'amaw sent us a new treasure chest which will probably be pictured when he completes his next workbook because I am such a big dork and will take pictures to brag about on the blog! (since we received it on national talk like a pirate day, she threw in some pirate tattoos for the boys - thank you!)

My very smart boy. He, thankfully, seems to have inherited his father's coolness, so my dorkiness will at least skip his generation. Let's keep our fingers crossed for Ethan!

Monday, September 15, 2008

around the house

Goldfish Anyone?

pioneer woman color boost applied to both - very goldfishy, don't you think? (thanks Krista for introducing me to PW - what a fascinating woman)

thank you aunt patty

My Aunt Patty of Georgia sent the kids a cool care package full of colors, paints, bubbles, toys and books. It was pretty awesome. Here is G enjoying his goodies.

BTW: she sent Crayola Color Wonders finger paint. Remember the finger painting debacle from August? Why have I never bought the Color Wonder finger paint before? This stuff is the bees knees! It sounds very commercial - but there really is NO mess! Aunt Patty - you rock!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rainy Days and Waffles

We finally got a light rain here in SA. There is something about rain and waffles that go so well together.

another brand now offers sugar free - when we started using sugar-free syrup, there was only one or two brands available at our grocery store

ABC Club and YouTube

Gabriel started the ABC Club at the library last week. Every week they go over one letter, beginning with Aa. He loves it! Since our B lost his job, PreK is out of the question (fiscally) I am trying to find other things that will get him around kids and get him learning at the same time.

Also, I am home-schooling him. I thought I would never do that, and here I am doing it and loving it! I have an excellent role model, my SIL Kim. She has homeschooled all five of her kids! While I am certain that G will go to public Kinder, I think of Kim a lot. I think of how amazing she is to have the responsibility of the education of all her children and how challenged I am to lead the PreK education of just the one child! I have a lot of admiration of my SIL and other moms for homeschooling. You women are awesome!

After my yoga class in the evening, I came home to find some really creative parenting by my brilliant husband. He taught G how to surf YouTube! It was hilarious to find the boys watching YouTube like a couple of big kids! As long as they are watching age appropriate videos, it is ok with me.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Caution: HOT!

Somehow, our house cooled off overnight. This morning G was cold and asked for hot cocoa and oatmeal for breakfast. However, despite the warnings that the cocoa was too hot to drink and that he should blow on it, he took a drink and spilled some down his chest and burned his tongue. Clean up followed cuddles and hugs.

Mommy: I'm sorry you burned your tongue on your hot cocoa. That hurts, huh? Mommy still does that sometimes on my hot coffee.

G: You do that too?

M: Yes, sometimes.

G: When I get big, I will blow on your hot coffee so you don't burn your tongue.

Monday, September 8, 2008

gone fishin'

We took the boys fishing on Sunday before church. It was their first fishing trip and my first as an adult. Fishing has changed a lot since I was a kid.

My grandpa Bramstedt and I would go out with bamboo fishing poles and string, tie on a hook, bobber and worm and just wait for the fish. I don't remember actually catching a fish but I do remember smelling like worms. Also, I have fond memories of sitting next to my grandpa and being quiet (as that was a prerequisite to fishing with him).

Maybe some people still do it that way, but Brandon must be on to something with his way of fishing since he caught seven fish in an hour and a half. More importantly, no one came home smelling like worms.

last supper

a pic i found on my camera (and forgot about) of our last supper before i returned to alamo city...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

brunch and farkel

My mom and dad invited some family friends over for brunch when I got home from church on Sunday. We had awesome food and then played farkel. Uncle Bob won the first game and my dad won the second.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008