Friday, May 14, 2010

Cascarones For Caucasions (AKA. Easter pics 2 of 2)

Ok, caucasion people, next Easter you should totally try this. I understand this can be done for any special occasion, but in San Antonio they are popular at Easter.

First, you empty the eggs. For a couple of weeks we ate a lot of quiche, omelets and scrambled eggs. I used a fondue fork to poke the holes, then drained the yolk and whites into a bowl, rinsed the shells and set them aside.

Now is the fun part, dying them!

Next fill them with confetti. I bought some at Walmart. The above picture is a better illustration but I am an off-centered girl and artistically prefer the picture below.

Glue some tissue paper to cover the hole.

Behold, cascarones!

We decorated them with stickers.

Now, go hide them and as the children (or adults who act like children) find them they make a wish then crack it over someone's head! It's super fun!

Easter pics 1 of 2

Our house church rented a space for a larger service.

Communion table.

Easter shopping in south Texas: don't leave chocolate bunnies in your car. Not even for an hour.


Easter egg hunt.

They Grow Up So Fast

In the car leaving Chick Fil A drive though. Ethan is alseep.

Gabriel: Mom, you should have ordered this lemonade. Its delicious. You could have said, "I'd like two lemonades please. One for me and one for my son."

Me: Yeah, but I wanted a Coke. Next time.

G: I want to have a son.

Me: Really?

G: Yeah, actually I want to have 3 sons.

Me: Couldn't you throw in a girl for me? I'd like a granddaughter.

G: Ok, how about - 2 girls and one son.

Me: That's great! I hope whoever you marry is up for it.

G: Yeah, about that ....

Me: What?

G: Well, its kind of hard to explain.

Me: Come on, you can tell me anything.

G: Ok - I know who I want to marry.

Me: (waiting with baited breath to hear him say, 'mommy') Who is she?

G: Sasha

Me: Oh! Sasha! Yes, I like Sasha very much and her mom too. That's very good. Why do you want to marry Sasha?

G: Because she's 5 and she still looks good.

Me: (snorting Coke out of my nose)

G: See? I knew you would laugh!

Me: No, No. I'm laughing because its cute. Not laughing at you. Why do you think she will make a good wife?

G: Because she always gets green.

[Green is the color code for his kinder class that indicates they had a good day. Blue means they had one or more time outs. Yellow is go to the principal. Red is pretty much pick your child up from jail.]


I've always adored Sasha but she has lots of admirers - he has a lot of competition. Of course, he will blow them all out of the water when he's good and ready. Although, its ok if he marries Morgan too. She a sweetheart and super adorable. And I like her mom.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Big News From BexLand!

He's about 5 months old. He's half Great Dane and half enigma. He's my Mother's Day Present. He was named after the King of the Court...

Meet Duncan Cowboy Grigg!

He is the most chill dog ever. For a 5 month old? He barely moves. At church this morning, another family brought their 5 month old boxer and they played together which is the most movement I have seen him do. But I'm not complaining! It's kind of nice to have a dog that likes hanging out.

Just so you get an idea of his size: