Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Day of the Rest of Your (academic) Life

There has been a lot of anticipation for the first day of school. All summer long we have counted the days to his first day of school. He is not going to a trusted relative or friend for a few hours where I will receive a complete run down of the day's activities or funny things he said and did when I pick him up. No. He is in the care of a complete stranger. A total and utter stranger.

The first day was thrilling for him and really really sad for me - well, sad in a good way. Sad that I no longer have my little buddy with me all day but he has to grow up, we can't hold on to him forever.... at least that's what THEY say. No, its true and I don't want to cling onto him - but this really snuck up fast!

get ready elementary school, here he comes!

his dad walking him in

at his class's table

saying goodbye (that smile was so fake, i was crying on the inside)

'look! there's my mom!'
or the more accurate:
'look! there's my mom's camera!'

a sight for sore eyes.

While Gabriel is at school, Ethan and I sit together, looking blankly at one another as though we have no idea what to do with each other. By Friday, we were getting the hang of it - we played play doh for 2 hours. Solid. He had a grand old time.

He asks for his brother a lot.

"Where Gabe?"

"We go get Gabe now."

"Come on. Let's get Gabe."

"Gabe at school. We go get Gabe. Now. Come on."

On our way to pick Gabriel up from school.
He cannot contain his excitement.

On the fourth day of school, I was walking Gabriel to his table and we passed a lady in the hall. He looks up at her with a huge smile and says, "Good morning!" She returns his salutation. His grin is redirected at me and he says, "That's Miss Washington. She teaches computers."

What just happened? My child knows an adult that I don't know!!! An adult I didn't introduce him to. He can now learn (some manners) to introduce me to adults.

I remember in the beginning of his life, how strange it was to be known as "Gabriel's mom" instead of by my actual name and that is like second nature to me now. Hopefully this adjustment period will fly by.

When Gabriel was 2 and a half I couldn't get him to stop using his binky. On one particular day, my MIL was visiting. She witnessed first hand the Battle of the Binky and feeling sorry for him as he sobbed and wept, screamed and kicked; she encouraged me to give it to him. Her argument was, "he won't still be using it when he goes to kindergarten or anything." Staring at those big school doors, waiting for him to come out I realized, she was right. But back then, this day seemed so far off.

Friday night he was exhausted. He had a head ache. Like a man coming home from a tough week at work, he wanted to veg in front of the tv. He laid down and I said, "guess what? Tomorrow is Saturday. I won't wake you up at 6:30 so you can sleep in as long as you want!" He smiled and chuckled. Not a little kid giggle, but a man chuckle - from his gut.

Saturday morning rolled around. He stayed in his pj's until 10:30. He asked me, "Are you taking me to school at all today?"


"Or tomorrow?"


"Oh man! But I love school!"

Tomorrow begins a whole new week of school. And the beginning of my attempts to infiltrate the PTA. I better brush up on my foreign policy and health care retorts.

Monday, August 24, 2009

RTT: Random Summer bday parties


i have more around here somewhere... now where t=did they disappear to?.... oh, sod it, here you go!

Spongebob Party Pics

it was like waking up christmas morning when he came down in the morning to find spongebob galore

uncle simon rented a bouncy castle for the party as his gift to gabriel

much fun was had by all in the bouncy castle

that's me

krabby patty relay race

pin the pants on spongebob

there was cake
party people

afterward we had a bbq for whoever wanted to stay

ethan tried to steal aimee away from ryan

hayley and jason hung out

by the end of the day we were all zoning on cartoons

except the cat - she was waiting for an opportunity to get at the betta fish that ryan and aimee gave to gabriel (aptly named, spongebob)


The was his party on Saturday, Gabe's actual bday went like this:
he got his shot and then we waited (precautionary measure after every shot) in a patient room watching tv

we went to seaworld for a special spongebob show

this is as close to meeting spongebob as they let him get. i had to lighten the area around him bc my flash only lit up spongebob. i know, i know, i should have feathered the edges or used magnetic lasso around G - i was tired and lazy

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pre-party Pics

My SIL and MIL planned a pre-bday surprise party at Peter Piper Pizza for Gabriel's 5th bday. SIL spent a couple of weeks here while her hubs was scouting houses and appliances and stuff in Peru. After their baby is born, she and her fam will be moving to Peru on a five year mission. In the meantime, there was pizza.

Gabriel and Ethan patiently waiting for their pizza with their cousin Sofia.

Party Favors

FIL met up with us

giant birthday cookie

giant birthday cookie icing

presents! yay!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Lawn Tickets to San Antonio's Minor League Baseball: $5
Beer: $1
Hotdogs: $1
Staying up late to around with your brother: priceless.