Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Groupon had a deal for zoo passes. Even though I swore off the zoo last year, I cannot resist a good Groupon. So I bought it and off we went the very next day. As did all of the good people of San Antonio. We parked across the state to get in and stood in a line for EVER to cash in our Groupon. Lucky for us, there were nice people in front for pleasant chatting. The weather was gorgeous and only a little warm.

My favorite critter: The Okapi.

Ethan asked if he could ride an ostrich. I said, "sure why not?" We decided that the zoo workers would probably frown upon it if I helped lower him down the concrete wall and mount an ostrich.

Wait a second, are you looking at me?

You are definitely looking at me. You better check yourself before you wreck yourself, fool.

On second thought, those feet look an awful lot like velociraptor feet and I don't want to pick a fight with a velociraptor. Cool your jets, man, we're going to check out the elephants.

Gabriel loves the elephants.

But this reminded me of Duncan. Suddenly I wondered if I am qualified for a job at the zoo and how cool would that be?

On our way to the Rhino exhibit, Ethan stops for a drink.

Wow! How did he get so handsome so fast?

Even better looking in black and white!

"Double rainbow! What does it mean?" Well, pleasant as it may be at times, it really is turning into a crappy day. Let's keep moving...

The problem with owning a Great Dane, the children have no healthy fear of any animals. Ethan sat right down, pulled this goat's lips back and started counting its teeth.

I'm sorry, are we disturbing your lunch? I was wondering if I could get your autograph.

No? How about just a picture. It will only take a second! No? Fine, but I am going to tell all the tabloids that you are a snob. Come on kids, let's get a refreshing treat.

Totally cool. We took our sno-cones and sat near the aquatic birds to watch them paddle around their ponds.

Don't you feel sorry for that turtle? Just sitting, trying to work on his tan then all of a sudden, SPLAT!

I don't know what this is but the kids wanted me to take its picture.

Last stop - flamingos.

They must be siblings, look at the way they are fighting over their snack.

Thus ends our zoo adventure. Please watch your step as you exit the blog and have a zootastic day!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Crafts

Inspired by my awesome cousin Debbie, I embarked on the Halloween season in a crafty state of mind. Ethan's popsicle stick pumpkin. He was given a lot of supervision and guidance.

Gabriel's popsicle stick pumpkin. He was left to his own devices with a pile of popsicle sticks and glue.

Ethan's decorated paper mache skull. It really turned out quite nice.

(Gabriel painted a wooden bat - but Duncan promptly ate one wing and half the body.)

Ethan's paper pumpkin.

Gabriel's paper pumpkin. Normally his handwriting is quite legible. I don't know what happened here.

Ethan's hand bat. Again, lots of guidance and supervision.

Gabriel's hand bat. Once again, I tossed him the scissors and glue and wished him luck. I guess it pays to be the baby sometimes.

Once again, finding inspiration from the craftiness of others, I made this Halloween wreath from the directions by Suburban Matron. Something about mine looks really .... homemade. I can't quite put my finger on it.

This is the skull I decorated. Since I was in the feather dept of Michael's anyway, I loaded up. And you know what? Sometimes, things look better in our heads then in person - this was one of those times.

The boys also made Halloween bats and owls out of those little puff ball thingys with googly eyes and everything. Heavy sigh... Duncan got a hold of those too.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Baby of The Family

He reminds me of a baby in the way they like to be swaddled because despite his size, he likes to sleep in cramped places.

He also likes to join me in my office whilst editing photos or paying bills.

Even though I have a no kid / no dog rule in my office - it is not strictly enforced. Obviously.

Friday, October 8, 2010


The three year old, walking a mile in his daddy's shoes.

It took me 33 years of life and 23 years of trying to make the perfect omelet. There is something to be said for persistence. It is delicious.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Duncan Works Out

He is not a very good exerciser. He gets in the way.
He hogs the equipment.
He chews on the equipment.
He gets easily distracted.
He gets lazy.

But he is so cute!

Monday, October 4, 2010

First Grade

First Day of First Grade

With Daddy

Ethan and Duncan thought they were going to school too. I humored them with a photo.

Second Day of school - First day on the bus.

Oh my, the bus looks so big - Gabe looks so small.

It's really weird to me that Gabriel has his own ride. That took some getting used to - but I still like carting Ethan and Duncan up to the school to pick him up in the afternoons.

The good thing about procrastinating posting these photos is that I can report on the progress of first grade...

Good Intention #1: Take lunch box Mon - Thurs (Friday the cafeteria serves fun kid food so I let him buy his lunch on Fridays).
REALITY: He takes his lunch maybe only twice a week. On a good week.

Good Intention #2: Ride the bus to school every morning.
REALITY: He makes it to the bus two - three times per week. It leaves really early!

Good Intention #3: No tardies this year. With the whole school bus objective, it seemed like a no-fail plan.
REALITY: Since we are missing the bus because of over-sleeping, nothing has stopped us from being late twice (and already got a yellow slip!)

As Jillian Michaels says about fitness, there's nothing stopping you [me] from getting back on the horse.

His teacher this year is awesome! Its her first year and she is doing a great job. Gabriel really likes her, so do I, and for that, I'm grateful. Even if I am oversleeping and shouting after him as he gets on the bus or out of the car, "Oh crap! Buy your lunch today!"

Also this year, I am a new board member on the PTA. That's going well too. There are a bunch of really great people on the PTA who work cohesively. I guess its easier in the PTA than in corporations. For one thing, we are all volunteers, so we are paid in gratitude (a little appreciation goes a long way!). And for another thing, we have a common goal and vision: to help our teachers and make our school a better place for the pupils (I wrote "students" at first, but decided that "pupil" is a more school-y word).

Sunday, October 3, 2010


On a recent photo shoot for a family getting ready to move to Haiti to build a church, school and orphanage (you know, boring every day kind of stuff). I brought my assistant to help evoke smiles from the kids but he wasn't really much help. That's what I get for hiring a 3 year old to do a 5 year old's job...

get out of the frame, son...

I said get out of the frame...

Seriously? Do you know what 'out' means?

distracting the little girl ...

wondering off to gaze at the overgrown grass with the little boy ...

We moved on to the playground where I thought I might catch some cute candid shots and he would stay out of the way. But then it started. All of us photographer/ moms know it. It was the constant, "Take MY picture, mom!" "Take a picture of ME doing this!" "Take a picture of ME doing that!" This never happens when you want them to look handsome for the camera. Although, these aren't really "handsome" shots:

This is a good one - but he didn't know I was taking his picture.

Enough picking on Ethan. Here are some funny outtakes of the family (posted with permission!)
A day in the exciting and glamorous life of Bex!