Tuesday, September 1, 2009

RTT: music to my ears


welcome to another edition of RTT where i spew out some random stuff that is clogging my brain pipes.

Remember the Uncle Tupelo, Sonvolt, Wilco drama? i was reminded of it in the latest issue of Relevant. i was a little on the young and main stream side when this occured. like most of the public, at first i preferred son volt and then wilco. in those days i was always someone's little sister. (now i am someone's mom)

I hail from Belleville, IL.

I sang with jay farrar's brother in jazz clubs in st. louis.

It didn't last long bc I am a horrible singer.

But what I lack in talent I make up for in enthusiasm.

My brother is an amazing guitarist. He used to play in jazz clubs as well.

One of my BFF's, Beth, is an amazing singer. And her hubs plays guitar and drums. its so totally fun and musical to hang out with them.

I bought my hubs bongos for father's day. he has yet to use them.

i should have learned my lesson from christmas 2007 when i bought him a guitar.

that guitar is still sitting in our closet.

My favorite website on the web that is a site for web surfing.

Found an album in my itunes that i had forgotten about. its awesome. you should totally download it. Its the beastie boys 2007 instrumental album called The Mix Up.

Latest tunes I take to the gym:

Artist - song

dj kool - let me clear my throat
fatboyslim - weapon of choice
tribe called quest - can i kick it
public enemy - he got game
house of pain - jump around
ll cool j - mama said knock you out
run dmc - its tricky
citizen cope - let the drummer kick
living colour - cult of personality
rob dougan - clubbed to death
beyonce - halo

(which of these things is not like the other - lalalaaaaa)

videos i am really into right now (thank you domino records)




thus concludes the random tunes buzzing around in my head. now if you will excuse me, i must pick out some songs for tonight's yoga class. how about songs sung by shamu?


Casey said...

Wow, what a musical family! Jamie and I both play the drums (I think you knew that) and Graham is somehow an awesome drummer. Elliot recently picked up my harmonica and girlfriend can actually play!

kyooty said...

YES! still I have no speakers! I will not be sucked in, I will not!

Keely said...

Both hubby and I have latent musical talents, but neither of us practice. Xander is going to be a drummer for SURE.

Nadine said...

Interesting...a jazz band. Hmmm. I love learning new things about people.

How is your project going?

Sprite's Keeper said...

I can rock the chords. Vocal chords. I can shake a maraca. I can play the tambourine.
I'm pathetic, I know.

The Stiletto Mom said...

When I sing, the children scurry out of the room and small animals outside begin howling and covering their ears with their tiny paws. You cannot possibly be worse than me. :)