Friday, May 14, 2010

Cascarones For Caucasions (AKA. Easter pics 2 of 2)

Ok, caucasion people, next Easter you should totally try this. I understand this can be done for any special occasion, but in San Antonio they are popular at Easter.

First, you empty the eggs. For a couple of weeks we ate a lot of quiche, omelets and scrambled eggs. I used a fondue fork to poke the holes, then drained the yolk and whites into a bowl, rinsed the shells and set them aside.

Now is the fun part, dying them!

Next fill them with confetti. I bought some at Walmart. The above picture is a better illustration but I am an off-centered girl and artistically prefer the picture below.

Glue some tissue paper to cover the hole.

Behold, cascarones!

We decorated them with stickers.

Now, go hide them and as the children (or adults who act like children) find them they make a wish then crack it over someone's head! It's super fun!


Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

What a cool idea!

kyooty said...

Very different. I was wondering why the holes were so big!

Ginny Marie said...

That looks like so much fun! I hope the next time Easter rolls around I'll remember how to make'd better remind me!

Krista P said...

Sounds violent. Very cute idea though.

Laufa said...

That would get violent at my house. Very interesting idea though.

kyooty said...

Me again, miss your posts :)but I know what it's like, not enough hours in the day for everything.