Friday, June 3, 2011

Spin Cycle: Waiting

"Thank you. Please have a seat. The Dr. Will be with you shortly."

I sit and wait.

Minutes pass by. I look around at the other patients. And then wait.

The TV is on. I glance at it but with the anticipation of my appointment it's irritating.

I wait.

Time passes. I look at my watch. My next appointment is coming soon. How far behind is this Dr. ?

I wait.

I tap my foot. Tap. Tap. Tap. I wait.

I stare at the receptionist. Maybe I can will a staff member to call me back to a room.

I wait.

I dig around in my purse for anything to entertain my four year old. We wait.

We play thumb war. My mind is on my appointment so his tiny thumbs win and he is quickly bored. I wait.

Here comes a nurse through the door! Pick me! Pick me!

"Mr. Green? Come with me."

I wait.

I tell my 4 year old, "Stop climbing on the furniture." "Stop climbing on me." "Just sit down and be patient." I tell myself to be patient.

I wait.

Maybe I should reschedule. What's the point of scheduling an appointment?

"Mrs. Grigg?"

I jump up! Race the nurse to the scale and eagerly thrust my arm at her to take my blood pressure.

But then she leaves. And I wait.

I bite my lip. I tell my 4 year old to stop digging through the drawers.

I wait.

Finally! The Dr. comes in.

Tells me to take a pill. Tells me to take a script to the pharmacy and wait in line for it to be ready. Tells me to take an MRI and wait for the results. Tells me to wait for another appointment, an appointment in which I will wait some more to be seen by the Dr.

He leaves.

I leave.... to go wait somewhere else.


Sprite's Keeper said...

ARGH! Did this yesterday with Sprite at the peds, waiting in an empty waiting room for WHAT?
Why can't doctors be more like the medical dramas in which the exam, diagnosis, blood test results, and operation (if necessary) all happen within a forty-five minute prime time span?
You're linked!
(Thanks for the idea. How about some more??)

Mrsbear said...

Ha! You captured that impotent frustration perfectly, particularly when you've got an energetic fidgety boy scaling the walls.

Hope you're feeling better.

Patty O. said...

What a pain in the neck! I hate having to wait, especially when my kids are with me!

I hope you're not having serious medical problems....

Over from the Spin Cycle.

Anonymous said...

I hate waiting at doctors offices! It's the worst. It's like they have absolutely no regard for anything else you have to do in your own life and they want you to cater to theirs. ARRGGGHHHHH! I hope your nxt appt goes better!

Hopping over from Spin Cycle!

Amber said...

This is exactly how it goes, isn't it? And each child by your side just multiplies the time, making things that shouldn't take too long, feel like FOREVER.

I hope you get a nice treat of a quick in and out appointment soon!

Krista P said...

Sounds about right :( sorry you had to go through that.

Casey said...

Waiting is the worst. I've taken to marching the kids up and down the halls outside of the exam rooms so the dr will know we're in there waiting... not sure if it works.