Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tuesday Music Club

I have been so MIA lately. Not only to my own blog but all of my bloggy friends blogs ... and most of my real life friends. Basically, if we aren't Facebook friends, then I have been a crappy friend. Even on FB its hit and miss.

In case you were wondering - and even if you weren't, I've been really busy! But its been good busy. Lots of photography work. Lots of ministry. Then there's my domestic duties - lest they fall by the way-side.

On my latest shoot, I brought Gabriel along as my assistant. He has been begging me to bring him along. He's very interested in photography and possibly becoming a photographer (Rebecca Lara and Sons Photography!).

We were shooting at the Japanese Tea Gardens but it was busy because most of San Antonio's fine portrait photographers were also shooting there that day. So we parked next door at the Tuesday Musical Club. Gabriel's first order of business was to show me a great shot.

And so our day began.

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Casey said...

That is a great shot! I can see you guys in a family photography business....