Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Book Case Drama

We needed a bookcase. A friend of mine generously donated one of her old ones to us! I was thrilled!
I didn't take any pictures of what it looked like before but this picture after I sanded it gives an idea.

Then I started painting.The paint didn't seem to stick well. Several coats later it stuck and I painted the rest.

Because I didn't want to spend much money, I picked up the cheapest brushes and the bristles came right off into the paint.

When I peeled back the tape, I also peeled off the green paint.
It really peeled off. It reminded me of this nail polish my BFF and I used to wear that would peel off in one beautiful piece soon after it dried.

I went back to the store and bought contact paper.

But when I put the shelves back in, one of them scratched the paint off. I was nearly in tears when my husband (God bless him) told me he liked the look and it was shabby chic. Yay!


Pearl said...

ooooh! Me likey! I have been thinking of using some sort of paper to back the little shelves that are apart of Grant's head board. It is just all dark wood, and I think some sort of background color would be very fun for a little guy! Any thoughts?

Casey said...

Oh how frustrating. That is how pretty much every one of my DIY projects turns out. The shelves look great though, nice work!