Tuesday, November 24, 2009


yesterday i tried kettlenetics for the first time. in case my husband is taking a rare visit to my blog, no - i didn't spend that much! i bought the truncated version from target!

ANYHOO - i was a little skeptical. mostly i wanted it bc it looked like fun. how could a wimpy 4lb kbell really provide any resistance? surely, i will need to buy a heavier one. yes, so i'll just buy this today, try it out and get a heavier kbell next payday. ummmm...... yeah.

so today, i am SORE. i mean sore like P90X sore! i tried to go easy on myself and do pilates this morning but only got in 20 min before i decided that, contrary to popular opinion, i am NOT that masochistic.

it was an amazing workout - and that wimpy 4lb kbell? is now my everest. oh i will upgrade to more weight - but not next payday. maybe the one after that. or the one after that one. i feel like michelle khai today, i think i can feel ALL of my muscles. and they all hurt! sadly, i do not yet look like her. but in time, my friends...

i tried cardio balance. it was half cardio, half mat work. i am not sure i did the turkish situps right bc they seemed awfully easy in contrast to the other exercises. russian twist is an exercise i did a lot of with P90X - but add that wimpy 4lb weight and oh boy! it suddenly became MUCH harder! my favorite exercise was like doing triangle pose from yoga with the bell. it felt sooooo good to stretch out a little.

final words about kettlenetics? its my next best thing! ever since i got bored of P90X (which i did for over 18 months!) (and i totally recommend) i haven't been jazzed about anything. i ran. i got a gym membership. i lifted. but it was a chore. i tried the shredder, but didn't really like it.

all this to say, thanks michelle khai - you made my week!


Krista P said...

I've wanted to try that for so long, but it seems intimidating. Now I know why! Keep it up - my guess is that you'll look better than her in one week.

The Stiletto Mom said...

Ahhh Bex, as always you are far more athletic than I am.

Here's wishing you and yours a fabulous holiday filled with memories and love!!!!

Mary Anne

Casey said...

I've never even heard of that. Right now I'm doing curls with pumpkin pie slices. It's something, right?

Keep it up!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Hey, at least your trying something! I'm not even doing that these days!