Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blogging, Shooting and the Forgotten Son

When I started blogging, it was a way for long distance family and friends to stay up to speed with the kids. Then, I started blogging to the community of other like minded mom-types. I have to say, I have really really enjoyed blogging and these bloggy friendships.

I notice a trend though of bloggers saying things like, "I am so sorry I haven't blogged for a while," or "I have been really bad at blogging." My first instinct is to say, "Me too." But a new revelation has occurred to me: I developed a life! Not as in, "Get a life." But as in, I don't have as much time for blogging or reading other people's blogs bc I am really doing stuff. Albeit, sometimes that stuff is a nap, but I know you understand. ;-)

I'm not giving up on blogging, I'm just finally accepting the fact that I am a part time blogger.


Three weeks ago I did a promotional shoot (so to speak). Since I wasn't getting paid, I didn't bother to get a babysitter so I drug Ethan along as my "assistant." Here he is helping me get my focus set:

He was an enormous help to me. Anyway, this guy, below, showed up while we were walking back to the parking lot.
He tried to act like he wasn't following us - but here he is a half a mile later. I can hear his thoughts now, "play it cool, play it cool. dammit, why didn't I bring a newspaper or sunglasses?"


I feel kind of bad for Gabriel. Now that he is in school, there are so many more pictures of Ethan. So many times, Gabriel gets in the car after school, sees the garbage on the floor of my car and asks with a hurt heart, "you guys went to mcdonalds today?" And to console him I reply, "yeah, but we already have that toy, so you didn't miss anything." We eat way too much junk food.

Here are a couple of pictures from the last time we babysat Duke (the dog). G was watching Batman and using Duke as a pillow.

For some future posts I have pics from the bike rodeo (G's school), a hike we went on with our friends and a wedding we went to!


Ryan Leatherman said...

Oh, really classy shirt.

Ryan, loyal Detroit Tigers fan

Ginny Marie said...

My blogging goes in spurts and starts, too, and as long as I'm having fun, that's OK! I love seeing your blog pop up with a new post, though...I know I'll always find fantastic photos when I come visit!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said... don't have to blog every day. Some of us just have an addiction to it. I'm not pointing fingers at anyone (*cough* me *cough*). I enjoy it, but if I miss a day I'm not going to stress over it. This is for fun, not for work! If you aren't having fun then don't do it, ya' know. :-)

Love the photos too...those last one of your son with the dog is so cute.

Mrsbear said...

I have such a hard time keeping up too, both posting and commenting. It takes considerable time and dedication, that is sometimes hard to muster, especially when life gets in the way. But I think being a part-timer is still a good way to get your thoughts out and keep those bloggy connections. ;)

My first grader often feels like he misses out on the errands me and the three-year-old go on while he's at school, I always tell him that his brother will be in school soon enough. Not to mention before he started attending himself, it was him who was my traveling buddy.

Love the doggy love.

Laufa said...

You have been busy! Looks like your business is doing well too. I am in a slump right now...sorry I apologized for being absent - I wasn't doing anything fun (except missing work). Have fun and you will catch up when you have the time.

Krista P said...

You've been missed. And congrats on getting a life :)

I must admit, on the rare event that I make the time to catch up on blog stalking, I'm sorely disappointed to see you've barely updated the blog. That being said, the updates I do read are appreciated more because I've had to wait longer for them ;)

Ginny Marie said...

Hi, Bex!
I always try to reply to your comments on my blog, only to find out you didn't leave your email addy! So I'm stalking you...I'm glad you like my new background, I love it too! Plus, it's awesome that you used to live in Illinois and hiked the Shawnee. I'm planning on posting some more pictures Thursday if life doesn't get in the way!

Have a great week!

kyooty said...

My older boys totally call me on the "What did MJ have?" when they come home because they know I take him shopping :P I usually bring home some for them too.