Sunday, August 29, 2010

4th of July

Finally! Fourth of July Pics!

I have always wanted to be able to shoot fireworks. Fireworks and bubbles are two subjects that I can't get a photographic grasp on. Last year was my best attempt yet.

We waged war against The Limey Brit (Limey pictured above)

There were dark times of the war. For both sides...

Whatever you do, don't cross the streams!

Look! I have two husbands! He's cloned himself!

I was pretty alarmed when both of my children were recruited to fight for England. But they grew bored in no time and went inside to escape the mosquito brigade.


There were tanks.

B lit one...
That one lit a second...
That one lit a third.
Oh, for the love of cheap entertainment.


the aunt who always has gum said...

thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! love these firework photos! i am very much a beginner in the photog world but loving it :)
- the other aunt with gum :)

Pearl said...

oooooh!!!! i looooove these!!!!! amazing!