Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Christmas with the Fletcher's

This post isn't quite as late as it sounds!

Brandon's sister and her fam came from Peru right around New Year's to celebrate Christmas. Surprisingly, I got very few photos.

I just can't believe how big he is getting! And its happening so fast!

And my nephew? Kids grow at ridiculous rates.

Brandon took these cool shots with the kids. Nana saved these for them, knowing they would get bored waiting for dinner to be ready. Such a smart Nana!

My crazy BIL.


Pearl said...

Aww...Gabe is getting so big! It just seems like last week, I was helping you pack up your house in Fairview Heights, and you were pulling him around in a small box with a rope. (sigh)

Ginny Marie said...

They are getting big! I love those glow stick photos. Fun!

Mrsbear said...

Aw, it's so nice to get all the cousins together. They look like they enjoyed themselves.