Tuesday, March 8, 2011

V Day Post

Happy Belated Valentine's Day (really belated!).

Let's first begin with V Day crafts and treats:
Mobile: each boy decorated two hearts.

Ethan made a cool banner. We hung it across our bookcase.


Gabriel made a necklace for Mamaw.

More magnets! I think its obvious which is Gabriel's and which is Ethan's.

Ok now this one was the worst craft ever! I got the idea from Martha Stewart and it didn't live up to its potential.

All that work for these sad looking sun catchers. Well, now we know to avoid sun catcher crafts!

Zucchini Bread

Ethan and made cupcakes for Gabriel and Daddy. The cupcakes were also from Martha Stewart and they were a tremendous success.

(Ethan's cupcakes)


My mom and dad sent us a Valentine's Day / Anniversary bouquet.

When we were married we had a rose ceremony. This year we each bought each other a single rose to remember that time.

Brandon bought me an orchid. Oh, I pray I don't kill it!

This year I was so sick from the flu. I don't think I have ever had a flu that bad! So we didn't have a very romantic day. But when I went to urgent care I snuck over to the mall to pick up a present for him. I felt like a zombie and must have looked like one too because people were staring! Ha! That's love for you - it makes you do crazy things. I also went into anaphylactic shock again on V Day. Still no idea why this happening. On V Day I hadn't eaten anything or taken meds for my symptoms. Weird. It was a memorable day anyway.

You might have noticed my kitchen went from green to "amaretto" - Brandon took off so many days from work to take care of the kids while I was in bed with fevers. He got bored and took on the project of repainting the downstairs! It looks terrific. The orange living room is now "covered wagon" and it looks so light and airy. It looks much bigger now too! You'll see in pics on future posts.


Ginny Marie said...

You sound like you were really sick! Yuck! And you still did all those crafts? I'm in awe. I saw those suncatchers on someone else's blog, and they were really pretty. They somehow looked different than yours. Maybe I shouldn't attempt them after all! ;) I wonder what the secret is?

kyooty said...

Happy Belated Valentine's :)

I think the key to the sun catchers is using Wax paper?