Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gabriel's 7th bday!

As part of my process to get back on the blogging wagon, I'm posting some dated milestones.

Here is Gabriel's 7th bday (back in August).

All in all, it was a bust. We always go so far over board for our kids bdays. This year I thought, "Hey, let's bring it down a notch and it will be great."

It wasn't. He picked avocado shrimp for his dinner. The shrimp smelled funny and the avocados - despite being newly purchased, were black on the inside. So we went out to eat. Which isn't a big deal but it didn't leave time for him to play with his friends that evening. And his dad was on a work call (true crisis) pretty much all night. Poor kid. We'll make it up next year...

The bday may have been a flop, but the cupcakes were AWESOME! Hubs and I stayed up into all hours of the morning making these fondant toppers.

waiting for daddy to open presents...

one of his presents.

serious face.

on our way out the door to the restaurant.


Pearl said...

Becca! You are so beautiful and creative with your cupcakes! Those cupcakes seriously ROCK! I still can't believe that baby is 7! He is growing too fast! And I also can't believe how identical you two look!

Casey said...

Can I just tell you how awesome those cupcakes are. Seriously, my kids would FLIP. Did you see the angry birds Halloween costumes? I'm totally buying on on clearance the week after Halloween.

Man, I cannot believe how big the boys are. And I love the fedora, he is such a little man!