Monday, February 20, 2012

Goodbye Blog

In the beginning, blogging was a major part of my life. I had two wee ones and family 1,000 miles away. It was important to me, to be able to show them what's going on in our lives and also to document those years. Now with Facebook and whatnot, I feel like my family blog isn't needed. So, goodbye, blog.

It will stay up for a while but I'm officially no longer posting on here. If we're friends on FB, you'll see that I'm starting a newsletter for my family that is 1,000 miles away. Its still a way to keep in touch but they can opt out and I won't feel like I'm talking into the great big void.

It's been real.


Click here for a trip down memory lane: The first blog post on this blog.


Casey said...

Aww, goodbye. I feel the same way about my blog...hence barely touching it in over a year. Maybe one day we'll get the bloggy bug again! Stay cool...

Ginny Marie said...

Bex! I'm going to miss you. :^( Check in on me every once in a while like Casey does, 'kay?

kyooty said...

I'm just back to b blogging a bit more regularly. I can't let go. I'm a tiny bit crazy, about that digital footprint.