Friday, July 27, 2012

Well Hello Again....

Hello? Hello? Testing 1....2...3... Can anyone hear me?

I thought I'd gone for good but alas, I'm back.

And why? Well, less of an adventure of my boys and more of an adventure of my own. Best Body Bootcamp by the lovely and fit Tina Reale!

The weight keeps coming on and my health keeps getting more complicated. So what better way to stay focused on healthy living than an 8 week fitness and lifestyle commitment? Because all I really want to do is drink beer and eat Ben and Jerry's by the pint. But what I don't want to do is see what kind of fruit that kind of living produces. So I'm putting aside my desires and picking up Bootcamp - and subsequently my old blog.

I don't have any internet appropriate before photos (I took my before shot in a bikini) so I'm working on finding a good outfit for a pic I can post. I'm going to go out on a limb here and post my current measurements.

Height 5'3"
Weight 137.5 (Agh! only 2.5 lbs away from my weight at week 40 of pregnancy with my youngest!)
Waist 34.5"
Hips 38"
Chest 33.5"
Biceps  12.5"
Thighs 24.5"

Aside from completing the exercises every week I have 3 more goals:
Drink 8+ glasses of water each day
Log my calories each day
Do yoga 3x's a week. Remember when I used to teach yoga? I've really gotten out of practice. How did that happen?
-Oh yeah, and document my experience.

Week one, Day one: Love love love it! Love her strength training exercises. Love the flexibility of the cardio options. Love the structure of the program. For my cardio today I put in Turbo Fire HIIT 20. Overall, starting off the program with a bang. :-)

Day two: Did Wednesday's workout instead so I'll do Tuesday's workout tomorrow. Still loving it though! Anyway, I got it knocked early this morning bc we drove to College Station, TX to see a specialist (3 hours one way!). It was nice to be done with it and not worry about squeezing it in later in the day. If only I had that kind of discipline every day.

Day three: Ok, its getting tough now. My body does not want to move the way my mind wants it to.

Day four: Its really tough now. I got my workout in at 11 pm and strayed off the program somewhat. I replaced cardio with yoga. But I did do the core workout though. Seriously, my body is in a lot of pain. I feel old. Missed the mark on my water goal. I logged all my calories but due to an impromptu pity party, they were way high. Oh how I love sweets. Oh how I loathe calories.

Day five: Wheeee! Strength training was a fun challenge today. Yesterday's yoga really paid off. At this writing, I haven't completed the cardio portion of my day but I may still fit it in somewhere.Or not.

Snapped a couple before shots! With one of the dogs and one of the sons.
Tomorrow is the optional cardio day AND my 35th bday. Perhaps I'll do some laps. I defo want to get in some more yoga. But since its my bday I probably won't be logging calories. There will be beer. There will be ice cream.

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kyooty said...

Just catching up here, sooo your before? AWESOME!!! I just had to say that. :)