Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bootcamp Week 7

Day one: I don't know if I have stressed just HOW much I love this program! Take today for example, today I am on a road trip and will not be able to work out - but I can't get my mind off of how excited I am to get back to it. Thank you Tina Reale!

Day two: My allergies are AWFUL. And just getting back home from our brief excursion, I need to channel my energy towards catching up on all things housework.

Day three: Ok - for as much I said I wanted to get back to it, I'm not acting like it. I just couldn't get into it today and the next thing I knew it was 10pm. Argh. I hate days like this.

Day four: Woot! This is it! This morning, I got in some tennis. Our first game in a few months. The heat and humidity sapped a lot of energy out of us so we spent the rest of our time together on a brisk walk. Sadly, it was too much time outside and a bad bad headache followed up. Darn allergies. But I did the strength training anyway. If I wait for a day that I feel good with no ailments, I could be waiting a long long long time. At one point, I thought my brain was going to explode through my eye sockets. At the end of it, I was glad to have finished it - I love weight lifting! And even though I endured some discomfort, I didn't cause an injury so its worth it.

Day five: I ignored Tina's cardio recommendation and jogged 2 miles. Her workouts are so awesome for many reasons and one of them is the flexibility. You can almost pick and choose what you can work into your schedule. But be careful: you don't want to take too many licenses or you might sabotage your results. She has this thing down to a science. Have I complained about the allergies yet today? No? Then let me begin. I'm regretting being outside for more than 5 minutes - but I'm not regretting running. My body - no, my MUSCLES feel amazing. My nose and ears and head feel like poo.

Picture of the day: rock climbing. Oh boy - its been far too long since we last went climbing. Love this stuff!

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