Monday, July 14, 2008

Soccer Game #2

We were expected at the field at 7:30 am for the team picture (an obscene time of day to be anywhere that you are not paid to be). Not many kids made it...

The game was exponentially better than the first.

The other team had only one good player. But he was so good that he kept getting the ball and kicking goals while his teammates ran behind him.

One of our players, Aaron, had an "ah ha" moment when he figured out suddenly how to play soccer. He kicked in two or three goals. Then he went to kick in another but it was going off and Gabriel swooped in and kicked it in! GOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLL! It was an exciting kodak moment that I missed (with my camera, I saw it, of course). I was so busy jumping up and down and shouting at the top of my lungs (as if I were back in Brazil) that I completely forgot about taking a picture.

# 3 ready to play!

GO Bumblebees!

That's Aaron, #11, kicking in one of his many goals of the day. Also, #4 for the Tigers, their star player, stares in astonishment as the Bumblebees make an unexpected comeback.

Gabriel leaves the field to try to console Ethan, who was very grumpy about waking up so early.

Ethan is temporarily amused by playing soccer with our Haitian friend, Luckson. Notice Ethan is wearing two shoes. Rare.

GG takes fussy Ethan for a walk. GG didn't mind waking up early as she is naturally a morning person and was probably up and at 'em for a while before the game.

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Krista P said...

Welcome back - you've been missed!

I think it's so cute that E is wearing his brother's team colors. And it's even cuter that G recognizes E as a priority right now. Very sweet.

Love the analysis of the game - I feel like I was there ;)