Monday, August 3, 2009

HASAY: the nightmare that is Applebee's

HASAY = Half as Good as You = diet, exercise and blog about it.

The good news is that I have been really good with my diet, logging my food and tried t0 stay away from naughty foods during my bday. Hubs and I joined a gym. We are going together (which is so awesome bc its almost like a date!) and getting competitive and having lots of fun and getting really sore (hee hee).

The bad news is that I AM STILL GAINING WEIGHT!!!!

I digress....

One of my bestest friends here in SA took me to Applebee's for my bday. I thought we were just going to have adult beverages so I researched what is relatively low in calories. I found the mango martini is only 177 cal. But when we sat down she wanted to order some food too. Uh-oh. I didn't research FOOD. Ok. Don't panic. Let's use common sense.

Appetizer = spinach artichoke dip. I spooned out 2 tablespoons onto my plate and approximated 28 grams of tortilla chips. Yes, I realize I am a totally fun date.

Meal = California Shrimp Salad. We split it and I put MAYBE a teaspoon of dressing on it - but she gave me all of the avocados. I couldn't resist - after all, they are loaded with nutrients so that makes the calorie and fat worth the trade off, right?

I went home and logged my calories and guess what? Even being soooo careful and leaving there still hungry, I consumed 1,082 calories!!!! BTW: my calorie intake range is 1200-1500 for the ENTIRE DAY.

All this to say that my advice to other HASAYer's - don't eat at Applebee's.

BUT if you go to Maggiano's, share the Rigatoni D - a whole order can literally feed 4 people. Its not that bad in calories and so much more delish that anything at the Applebees / Friday's / Chili's sort of places.

I ALMOST forgot!

Sufferfest is a free podcast that simulates cycling in races and is so freaking cool! My gym is uber-cheap so they don't have classes or showers or anything. This podcast is the next best thing and I LOVE it. If you have a stationary bike or go to a gym - i recommend downloading it and trying it sometime.


Casey said...

Sufferfest does sound cool. So how many times did you do this restaurant cheat? There's no way that one trip has you gaining.. The reason I ask (totally not harping like you thought I was) is that one of my friends just gained a bunch of weight on vacation and hasn't been able to get it off. Then she went to the dr and found out she has a thyroid problem. Hmmmmmmmm. Either way, put down that crap food and eat a piece of lettuce.

Jamie and I both belong to the YMCA gym and plan on doing gym dates as soon as school starts back up since Elliot will be going 3 days a week too. Woot! Only from 9-12, calm down.

Krista P said...

So you went overboard on your birthday - big stinkin' deal. You did a great job, in my honest opinion, for not eating an entire cheesecake. So there.

Give the new routine a few weeks - you'll drop pounds like THAT.

Maybe you're thyroid is all messed up?

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

When I first started WW, I didn't check some of the calories on things and just about died when I realized how many points they were! It taught me to be much, much more careful when choosing what I eat.

Sounds like, besides that one day, you are doing very well. Keep it'll get there.

kyooty said...

So this is a month of spark people?