Monday, August 24, 2009

Spongebob Party Pics

it was like waking up christmas morning when he came down in the morning to find spongebob galore

uncle simon rented a bouncy castle for the party as his gift to gabriel

much fun was had by all in the bouncy castle

that's me

krabby patty relay race

pin the pants on spongebob

there was cake
party people

afterward we had a bbq for whoever wanted to stay

ethan tried to steal aimee away from ryan

hayley and jason hung out

by the end of the day we were all zoning on cartoons

except the cat - she was waiting for an opportunity to get at the betta fish that ryan and aimee gave to gabriel (aptly named, spongebob)


The was his party on Saturday, Gabe's actual bday went like this:
he got his shot and then we waited (precautionary measure after every shot) in a patient room watching tv

we went to seaworld for a special spongebob show

this is as close to meeting spongebob as they let him get. i had to lighten the area around him bc my flash only lit up spongebob. i know, i know, i should have feathered the edges or used magnetic lasso around G - i was tired and lazy


for a different kind of girl said...

I think I kind of want a Spongebob theme party for my birthday now, too! But only if I can have the bounce castle!

Looks like it was a blast!

Pearl said...

Are you kidding! That is the COOLEST birthday party ever!!!! What a lucky little guy! the desk in your kitchen.

Just Breathe said...

Cute decorations. Looks like it was allot of fun.

kyooty said...

I want a party like that!! :)

Laufa said...

That was a cool pineapple house, did you make that? I would be really excited after seeing all that too.

Becky said...

Whoa! That looks like a great party! Where did you get that pineapple house? My kids would love that.

Happy Birthday to Gabriel!

Krista P said...

How insanely, over-the-top cool was his birthday!!!! Thanks so much for posting these shots so those of us who live a bajillion miles away can share the fun with you. Hugs.

Casey said...

Wow, that kid had more of a birthday week rather than one day! Next time there's a huge Spongebob cake at your house, please call me. Thank you.