Friday, June 4, 2010

How to Irritate Your Mother

STEP 1. Jump on her while she is sleeping and invite your brother to do the same.

STEP 2. Tackle your brother (on top of your mother).

STEP 3. Pin your brother down and laugh hysterically while he tries to get up.

STEP 4. Repeatedly ask your brother - in your loudest speaking voice - why he is hitting himself. Alternately, ask why he smells like poo poo or if he is, indeed, made of poo poo.

Note: It is critical to remove your "listening ears" prior to this exercise in the event that your mother screams at you to get off of her and / or get out of her room.

Happy first day of summer!


kyooty said...

HAHAHAH!! it's not even summer break and this morning I got another one of those...

Poke and tease the cat until she growls, hisses and lunges for your face.

Mother will surely scream "WHAT The HE... ARe you doing?" Ugh!
so much for a morning nap

Ginny Marie said...

I am so tired of Lily saying the word "poop." I just don't find it as fascinating as she does, and as your boys apparently do!

Now she's mixing it up a little by constantly saying "fuzzy eyeballs." My kid is weird! Summer is going to be really loooong this year!

Cassie said...

Hear, hear.

Krista P said...

:) I can't help but laugh.