Saturday, June 26, 2010

School Functions (Pics from the last school year)

Sometimes I think of myself as an organized person who's got her stuff together. And other times .... I'm honest with myself. I am so not that woman.

Better late than never - that's what I always say! No really, I say that a lot.

Here are some pics from Gabriel's school carnival.
G with a couple of his buddies: Joshua and Morgan.

There was a contest to "dunk" the principal. The smirk on his face is of the man who retired at the end of the year! He will be missed as principal, but his successor - or successoress - is the (former) Vice Principal. Surely it will be a smooth transition.
The kinder PTA program. It was so cute - if it were a confection, it would have been delicious!


Finally, a recap of Kindergarten:


kyooty said...

YAY!!! look who grew an inch!! and wow he can climb! I'd be scared going up that thingy

Mrsbear said...

Fun times. That slide looks fantastic, quite the daredevil, that boy. And that rock climb contraption! Is it the angle of the photo, or is that thing as ginormous as it seems?

Ginny Marie said...

Look at how much he's grown! Wow! Lily is starting Kindergarten in the fall...sniff, sniff! My baby's growin' up!