Sunday, June 20, 2010

Monday Minute (On Sunday) Kid Edition

I totally stole this from here, who stole it from here, who stole it from here.

What is you favorite book/story?
Ethan: 8 Silly Monkeys
Gabriel: Cooking With the Cat

What do you want to do when you grow up?
Ethan: a baseball player (really? we never watch baseball)
Gabriel: be a fireman or a dog trainer

What is you favorite game?
Ethan: fighting (he means Rock Em Sock Robots)
Gabriel: the Wii

What is your favorite food?
Ethan: Macaroni
Gabriel: apples

Insert you own question to ask your kid---What do you like best about your brother?
Ethan: I can't do that. I like him, ok?
Gabriel: When he takes care of me. (What? How does HE take care of YOU?) Well, when we were downstairs and he popped me on my head and I got hurt, he told me it would be ok.


kyooty said...

LOL!!!! he popped him o his head, and then took care of it? hahaha so like my angels :)

JennyMac said...

They are so cute. And love the baseball player career ahead. lol.

And thanks for your artichoke link. I tried to email you back. Will you link your blogger profile to your email pretty please? My email got sent back 'no reply at blogger". Boo! lol.

kyooty said...

Hey!!! thanks for stopping by today, your comments rocked~!!!
And you thought "I" used to be hard to find.. :p

kyooty said...

What JennyMAC said!!!!:P
or we could just keep filling up your comments with "fluff" :p

kyooty said...

I can help with the email linky thing :P

will help you!!with the email linky things. :)

Krista P said...

Oh my, Rebecca. They're growing up so fast. They have such smart and cute answers. I miss them! It's just not fair.

I'm starting to see a lot of similarities between Ethan and Cady...they inflict harm, then comfirt the recipient.

Ginny Marie said...

Not only are your kids getting big, but look at your puppy! Geesh!