Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Groupon had a deal for zoo passes. Even though I swore off the zoo last year, I cannot resist a good Groupon. So I bought it and off we went the very next day. As did all of the good people of San Antonio. We parked across the state to get in and stood in a line for EVER to cash in our Groupon. Lucky for us, there were nice people in front for pleasant chatting. The weather was gorgeous and only a little warm.

My favorite critter: The Okapi.

Ethan asked if he could ride an ostrich. I said, "sure why not?" We decided that the zoo workers would probably frown upon it if I helped lower him down the concrete wall and mount an ostrich.

Wait a second, are you looking at me?

You are definitely looking at me. You better check yourself before you wreck yourself, fool.

On second thought, those feet look an awful lot like velociraptor feet and I don't want to pick a fight with a velociraptor. Cool your jets, man, we're going to check out the elephants.

Gabriel loves the elephants.

But this reminded me of Duncan. Suddenly I wondered if I am qualified for a job at the zoo and how cool would that be?

On our way to the Rhino exhibit, Ethan stops for a drink.

Wow! How did he get so handsome so fast?

Even better looking in black and white!

"Double rainbow! What does it mean?" Well, pleasant as it may be at times, it really is turning into a crappy day. Let's keep moving...

The problem with owning a Great Dane, the children have no healthy fear of any animals. Ethan sat right down, pulled this goat's lips back and started counting its teeth.

I'm sorry, are we disturbing your lunch? I was wondering if I could get your autograph.

No? How about just a picture. It will only take a second! No? Fine, but I am going to tell all the tabloids that you are a snob. Come on kids, let's get a refreshing treat.

Totally cool. We took our sno-cones and sat near the aquatic birds to watch them paddle around their ponds.

Don't you feel sorry for that turtle? Just sitting, trying to work on his tan then all of a sudden, SPLAT!

I don't know what this is but the kids wanted me to take its picture.

Last stop - flamingos.

They must be siblings, look at the way they are fighting over their snack.

Thus ends our zoo adventure. Please watch your step as you exit the blog and have a zootastic day!


Krista P said...

I've never seen anything like some of these shots...never an osterich foot, never a rhyno getting bath, never a pile of poop on the floor (oh wait - I see that often). Ethan looks like a grown boy - not the little guy I once saw. Wow.

Hope you had a great time!

Leslie said...

Great pics - the osterich ones cracked me up. The zoo totally wipes me out but my boys love going so several times a year my hubbie and I suck it up and take them. It turns out to be a day well spent.

Kate said...

Great photographs! I love the one with the little elephant. Totally looks like the wait in line was totally worth it.

Ginny Marie said...

My cousin showed us the double rainbow video...hysterical!

Your boys are both so handsome...they must have good genes! ;)