Monday, October 4, 2010

First Grade

First Day of First Grade

With Daddy

Ethan and Duncan thought they were going to school too. I humored them with a photo.

Second Day of school - First day on the bus.

Oh my, the bus looks so big - Gabe looks so small.

It's really weird to me that Gabriel has his own ride. That took some getting used to - but I still like carting Ethan and Duncan up to the school to pick him up in the afternoons.

The good thing about procrastinating posting these photos is that I can report on the progress of first grade...

Good Intention #1: Take lunch box Mon - Thurs (Friday the cafeteria serves fun kid food so I let him buy his lunch on Fridays).
REALITY: He takes his lunch maybe only twice a week. On a good week.

Good Intention #2: Ride the bus to school every morning.
REALITY: He makes it to the bus two - three times per week. It leaves really early!

Good Intention #3: No tardies this year. With the whole school bus objective, it seemed like a no-fail plan.
REALITY: Since we are missing the bus because of over-sleeping, nothing has stopped us from being late twice (and already got a yellow slip!)

As Jillian Michaels says about fitness, there's nothing stopping you [me] from getting back on the horse.

His teacher this year is awesome! Its her first year and she is doing a great job. Gabriel really likes her, so do I, and for that, I'm grateful. Even if I am oversleeping and shouting after him as he gets on the bus or out of the car, "Oh crap! Buy your lunch today!"

Also this year, I am a new board member on the PTA. That's going well too. There are a bunch of really great people on the PTA who work cohesively. I guess its easier in the PTA than in corporations. For one thing, we are all volunteers, so we are paid in gratitude (a little appreciation goes a long way!). And for another thing, we have a common goal and vision: to help our teachers and make our school a better place for the pupils (I wrote "students" at first, but decided that "pupil" is a more school-y word).


kyooty said...

Make lunch the night before while you are packing up the supper dishes? You are in teh kitchen? make the lunch, it's in the fridge or part of it is in the fridge and the snacks are in the box. You all get in the habit befor eyou know it. I'm kind of in a position where I HAD to learn this because there is no Cafeteria in our school. Another thing? Set your alarm, and lay out clothes the night before too, if I cna get 3 out in 45minutes or less? so can you

Ginny Marie said...

I just love first-day-of-school pictures! I walk Lily to Kindergarten, and seeing her walk into school by herself with her huge backpack makes me choke up every time!

Good luck with the PTA!~sounds like a great group! (Pupil is definitely more school-y.)