Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Crafts

The idea for the adorable meese was from a trip I took to The Children's Shelter to drop off some images. The head is the child's foot print, the antlers are the hand prints. We used fun foam. Gabriel's moose

Ethan's moose.


We did a little baking. The kids ate them faster than I could photograph them. Gabriel decorated a bell to look like the Liberty Bell, can you see it? My little genius.


But most of our crafts this holiday season were in the form of ornaments. We put up our old Christmas tree in the loft upstairs with colorful lights and some cheap dollar store ornaments. As the kids made their ornaments, they got a kick out of decorating their tree with them.

Ethan was one ornament short because he was napping when G and I did that one. In this house, you snooze you lose, literally.