Saturday, January 29, 2011

Christmas Day 2010/ New Year's

Of course presents are the first order of the day...

My kids favorite presents were from Great Gma and Gpa in Georgia - matchbox cars. I love how children are so impressed by simple things, I hate that we forget that and try to impress them with big things (like a bday party at a petting zoo!).

Lovely little snot.

Next I Skyped my mom and dad:
They wanted to see my new camera. See my dad's eyebrows? If I let mine go natural they would look the same, only a little less gray. Thankfully I have Sally Beauty Supply and an endless supply of wax.

My in-laws and Simon came over for food!

My MIL snuggling with the champion cuddler of the family!

Kasha enjoyed the carcass of our smoked turkey. Oooooh, smoked turkey! It was so good. I think the fried turkey is going to take a back seat to the smoked turkey from now on.

I made a Dark Chocolate Orange Cheesecake. Oh so decadent.... I kind of messed it up a little but it still tasted great, even though it was really ugly. That's why I shot the cross section.


For New Year's Eve we went to a mediocre sushi restaurant for an early dinner then back to our house to hang out with Simon, play Trivial Pursuit on Wii and drink champagne! And that is my favorite kind of New Year's! The kids were having a slumber party at Nana and Soso's house with their cousins who were in town from Peru.

Here is Brandon and I in our first picture of 2011 in our very messy garage!


Santa brought Ethan a pillow pet to exchange for his beloved orange pillow: his nasty, smelly, germ ridden, doesn't even get clean in the washer pillow. All caught up in the excitement of Christmas, he went with it. He threw his old pillow in the TRASH.

But a few hours later I was pretty upset with Santa and wished he hadn't coerced my baby into tossing his pillow. At nap time, Ethan couldn't get a grip. He cried and cried and cried and didn't want a hug or his pillow pet. In fact, he put his pillow pet in the trash and asked for the orange pillow back. Well, that didn't happen.

Eventually, he got used to not having his old side kick. Now he walks around with a new orange pillow. Literally. I used to have two of them - he punked them both but grew attached to only one. The other one just sat on his bed. Now, that's the one he uses and the poor pillow pet just sits on his bed.


Ginny Marie said...

I bought the girls pillow pets, too! That is, I bought my brother pillow pets to give the girls. I think, though, that I love them more than the girls, and if those pillow pets don't get more lovin' soon, their new home is on my bed. ;)

Laufa said...

Aw, poor Ethan.
I just signed up for Skype, we'll see how that works. I guess I need to get a video camera, because I just have a mic right now.

Pearl said...

Poor Ethan! I know how that goes. You get a favorite cuddle item, and it is hard to let it go.

I loved the picture of your parents on skype! That is awesome!

Looks like it was a good holiday season!!!!

Krista P said...

You could totally pull-off the eye brows if you wanted to.

I'd like to reiterate that your pup is a moose. I think I'm renaming him to Moose.

Oh Kasha, it's Christmas - help youreslf to a nice treat.

Mmmm cheesecake.

We don't get to see enough shot of you & Brandon - you must try to take more.

Which pillow pet did he get? I see the corner - now I won't be able to rest until I know which it is...note to self: check out the pp web site and determine which pillow pet he got.

Kate said...

Looks like a great time! You have a very large dog!

Mrsbear said...

I don't care how ugly the cheesecake looked, it sounds delicious.

Glad you enjoyed the holidays. And that the orange pillow was successfully replaced, even if it wasn't by Santa's pillow pet.