Tuesday, November 15, 2011

BB 2011 Day Four

Some deer wandered into the camp.

Gabe and Ethan took care of it.

We drove down a very primitive road to the Grapevine Hills Trail.

Cairns were very helpful on this hike. There is a dry creek bed that goes parallel to the trail. I kept ending up on it!
Oh look! Back on the right track!


Ethan and Gabe were both very impressive how they scrambled up the rocks.

Rock chair!

Can you see Gabriel? He had a lot of fun on these boulders.
The balanced rock! This is what we came for!

Then we drove down to the Hot Springs.

Ethan shed his shirt.
B looking at the river.
Rio Grande. Or Rio Pequeno as Scott put it.

It was a hot day so hot springs weren't all that relaxing. We sauntered down to Dugout Wells. Another oasis in the desert. This area was called the cultural center of Big Bend. Early settlers came here because of the availability of water. Eventually they built a little school and a small community cropped up. None of that remains - except the windmill and the oasis.

This tree is even bearing fruit!


Ethan found this flower stalk. It reminded me of Peter Koch in the book, "Exploring the Big Bend Country" he made a boat out of stems and called it the Broken Blossom. He was a rugged naturalist and a poet and artist all at the same time. Very Davidic.

We found the javelinas. There was a mama and baby but a certain SOMEONE in my group scared them off. Grrrrr......
A view of the beginning of the Chihuahua Nature Trail. I didn't take this trail - Brandon and the kids went partly down it and turned back. I waited in the shade at Dugout Wells.

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