Sunday, November 6, 2011

Marshmallow Pops

Ok - it might be a little late to make marshmallow pops for yourself. But I'd like to post these anyway as a reminder for next Halloween season.

Thanks to Ginny Marie for this great idea!

First and foremost - Ginny Marie microwaved her candy melts. However, I'm a control freak so I babysat it over a double boiler.

Meanwhile, Ethan stabbed the marshmallows with lollipop sticks.

Then I added orange coloring. BTW: food coloring will seize the candy. One must fork out the cash for candy coloring. TRUST me.

Then dip the marshmallows about 2/3 the way.

Then let them firm up in the fridge. Note the champagne (celebratory in anticipation of the Cardinal's World Series win - yay! Go Cards!) and the pumpkin flavored creamer.

I call this abstract, "Klutz R Us"

LinkI wish I could blame it on the four year old helping in the kitchen but it was entirely my fault.

Onto the next step! Melt more candies and add yellow coloring.

Then dip the marshmallows about 1/3 in. Et Voila! Totally adorable treats.

I got myself some of this floral foam...

And this bag from World Market! We gave these treats to Gabe's teacher. I made extra to give to a family of one of Gabe's school chums ... but we ate them. What? They were really good. At least the teacher got hers.

Waste not want not- we made more treats out of the leftover candy.


Ginny Marie said...

I love the owl basket! We're about to get a World Market by us, and I'm so excited! I bet Gabe's teacher loved this gift. :) I love the dinos and teeth treats, too!

Pearl said...

AWESOME!!!!!! You are uber talented!