Tuesday, November 15, 2011

BB 2011 Day Two

In the morning before our first hike. Ethan chills on the hood of our trusty steed.

Gabriel poses in front of our tent.

Ethan starts climbing a tree but tires of it so he kicks back. This is probably illegal in National Parks.
And we are off on the Lost Mine Trail!
Ethan, drink your own water!

Gabriel found a walking stick - and he spent a good deal of time trying to find suitable walking sticks for the adults.
I am in love with lens flare.
Taking a short break while we try to reach our friends on the Walkie.
Chatting about our hike.

Is that stick intended for marshmallows?

The Grigg's going up the Chisos Mountains!
Good friends!
Out in nature, even the act of taking pictures shifts within me. I had no desire to impress anyone or gain approval. I wasn't worried about how unique my shots were or whether they were trendy enough. I just wanted to shoot what I saw and remember how I felt when I saw it.

Bird Watching.
Purple cactus. Despite the amount of prickly pear at home, I still took a lot of pictures of prickly pear on our vacation.
At the top! Gabriel really enjoyed climbing all over the boulders at the top of the Lost Mine trail.

Walking down the mountain.
Back at camp, G and I try to take a pic of ourselves.
E and I try the same.

E has a snack in a way big chair!

Holly and I try to get a pic together in our Peru hats. This one didn't turn out great. I hope she has one in her camera!

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