Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bootcamp Week 3

Day one: Woot! Today was awesome. For my first day back I was pretty energetic. Its probably from all that rest last week. Ha! Hubs gave me a mio watch for my bday. After I read a 200 page text book on how to operate it - then spent an hour programming it I got to finally use it! Calories burned = 586!!!! Victory! Using this watch has really motivated me. I love seeing how many calories I burn as I work out.

Day two: We packed up the family and drove to the beach for our Grigg Family Summer Adventure! After check in, I sauntered down to the hotel's fitness center for my workout. It was about 100% crappier than it looked in hte pictures on the hotel website. But they had a treadmill and I had some cardio to do. I deliberately shortened my workout from 50 min to 35 min from the get go bc I didn't want to arrive for vacation and then abandon my fam for too long. The core workout for today said to do 2-3 sets. I thought I would do 2 sets at the highest rep IF I could. Well, I did all three! I just love surprising myself.

Day three: I am now officially guilty about doing bootcamp during our family time. Besides, the hotel gym doesn't have weights. Instead I opt for swimming in the pool and the ocean. Ocean swimming is much harder than I remember but I love a challenge. We also walked. a. lot.

Day four: Our last day at the beach! More swimming at the pool. And a lot more walking.

Day five: Ok - makeup time. LOVE the strength training routines Miss Tina puts together. Seriously, if you have ever been curious about weight training or maybe you used to do it but stopped bc life happened (it happens to us all) I HIGHLY recommend this bootcamp. Today's workout was a mixed bag for me. Some exercises I went up in weight and with one exercise in particular, I used 5lb dumbbells and struggled. Ha! I'm almost nervous about what week 8 will bring. But if I keep surprising myself in the next 5 weeks, then I'm sure it will be a piece of cake.

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Ginny Marie said...

Bootcamp! And I thought I was doing great by walking 2 miles every so often this summer. Keep it up!