Friday, August 17, 2012

Bootcamp Week 4

Day one: Today was tough! I spent all day psyching myself up to do it and then when I did it - it took me 75 minutes to complete. But I'm glad I got it done either way. And I'm glad my schedule is getting back to normal.

Day two: Fail! I spent all day psyching myself up again and the next thing I know, it's 10:30pm. I ate well though. That's something.

Day three: Again with the surprises! The final super set was so super hard I didn't think I could do it. I didn't think I could do the last 5 min of cardio (I chose plyo) after that set. I did it! I did them! Another wonderful thing about Tina Reale's bootcamp is that when you sign up, you are invited into a private Facebook forum to discuss the workouts, nutrition, motivation, victories, etc. Yesterday I was so bummed about - well, about being lazy and one of the other participants wrote this: "... just get up and do it! Don't talk ur self out of it!!!:)" Its so cheesy, but I repeated that to myself today until I got sick of hearing my own voice say that and did it! 

Day four: I keep seeing these ladies post on the private FB page about how their clothes are looser or that they have lost weight. I'm a little jealous. My clothes aren't looser and I don't think I have lost weight (but I'm trying to wait until the end to weigh myself). I do feel taller, stronger, more confident and overall just terrific! I should really focus on those things than simmer in envy. Otherwise, today's workout was great. 

Day five: It turns out that I'm far too curious to wait until the end to weigh myself. Surprise! I've lost 5.5 pounds! Yay! Today's workout was 3 sets of ten minute circuits which I did. But I'm also to do a 20 minute cardio today and I'm pretty much out of motivation. The day is not over. I think I'll pop over to the FB message board for some encouragement. Have I mentioned lately how much I love this program? 

I hate not having a picture for every post. This is totally random. It's my 2nd grade school pic. My hair cut was the consequence of wanting to look like Martha Quinn. And my dress? I have no excuse.

Martha Quinn in the '80's

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