Friday, August 31, 2012

Bootcamp Week 5 & 6

Day one: Weights! Yay! I wasn't sure I could finish all of the sets. In between sets there was a 90 second exercise - some core, some cardio, all of them HARD!

Day two: Its an interval cardio day. I don't own any cardio machines and its 10,000 degrees outside so I did Fire 45. Felt great! Followed up with some yoga.

Day three: I am loving the weight lifting but its not loving me back. I added some plates to my dumbbells. It was really challenging. All day my neck was killing me. Maybe its the bootcamp, maybe its the way I slept. Did yoga after my workout again and that didn't help my neck. So I headed down for a chair massage (its pays to have friends who are massage therapists!) and felt lovely afterwards.

Day four: What's wrong with me? I felt sleepy all day. Even through my workout, I felt like I was sleep walking. At least I showed up. Or not. It couldn't have been very effective.

Day five: Woke up with a migraine. Not a good day for one (if there ever is a good day for a migraine). Throwing a party with my 12 best girlfriends this evening so apart from wanting to get through bootcamp, there are many preparations to be completed. So, this is an off day. I spent the morning resting  in a dark place with a dozen ice packs and taking a number of over the counter meds. I went through the workouts on today's "menu" and they are awesome! Will get to them tomorrow. And throw in some cardio bc one of my gal pals who is coming is also a pastry chef and she informed that she is coming bearing gifts!


Day one: Loving all this strength training! Today had an optional extra set of reps. I surprised myself yet again by doing the extra set! Woot!

Day two: Worked through Fire 45 again. Felt really heavy. Also sniffly.

Day three: Definately feeling bad today. I'm just going to sit down for a bit. Don't mind me.

Day four: Back at the doc. I have a sinus infection. He advised me to rest - not even housework - until next week. I am so bummed! So close to the finish line and yet I've been benched!

Day five: Resting seems to include chocolate today. :-) Just a little... 

On a side note: this was the kids' first week of school. Here  they are - on the way out the door!

Handsome-est kinder and 3rd grader our school has ever seen!

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Ginny Marie said...

Oh, just look at those handsome boys! :)

I hope you are over your sinus infection and back at bootcamp! You are inspiring me to start exercising again.