Saturday, July 17, 2010

July / Aug issue of Fitness Mag

Go buy the July / August issue of Fitness Mag. I just finished reading mine (I have a subscription). Its AMAZING. There are so many inspiring stories and motivation techniques. Oh yeah, and some fitness instructions and diet articles. Anyway, sometimes I get bored of this magazine bc it can be the same stuff with a different glossy photo but this month's issue is exceptional.

In the article: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Exercisers, one woman who is a political junkie said that if she failed to exercise 4 times a week, she would donate $25 to the library of a former president she didn't like. I love this idea.

There's another article called Pretty Confident that talks about flaunting our features that we might otherwise try to hide.

Another one; Runners Up! is a guide to your first or fastest 5k or 10k that has a lot more specific instructions than they usually publish in the mag. I'm running a 5k on the 25th of this month and have been trying to speed up my time (the heat and humidity doesn't help).

Supercharge Your Metabolism has a lot of common sense tips that we all know but it was written really well.

Pimp My Workout took 4 readers and set them up with celebrity trainers. Its pretty interesting. I really enjoy reading what workouts celebrities do. More so their workouts than gossip about their personal lives.

All The Right Moves had some tips that I have never heard before.

The Power of Fitness is the article that finally motivated me to tell you to buy this issue. Its about how four women used fitness to conquer major life blows. Its very inspiring.

The other articles are great too - you should check it out for yourself!

Hey Canadian friends, do you get Fitness Magazine up there?

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