Wednesday, July 7, 2010


My husband likes to work. He works a lot. I mean a whoooooole lot. He likes his job, likes his coworkers, like what he does and mostly likes who does it for. But even with all of the stars aligned I wonder, how does he stay motivated to do it all of the time?

It sounds corny but part of that answer is; for us. He takes very seriously his commitment to the role of provider and protector - for which I am deeply grateful.

I take my role pretty seriously too. Homemaker sounds like an easy job but any one who has been one knows that it is no cakewalk! Still, my motivation wavers. For example, daily exercise (hopefully something that includes the boys and dog) is high on my priority list. I enjoy exercising too. But there are times I would rather do things I normally put off, like scrubbing toilets.

It happens with everything: exercising, house cleaning, cooking proper meals. (The kids don't give me too much slack.) (Nor does the dog )(which is miraculous since he's a Great Dane and they are known for being lazy.)

Why? I don't know. Suppose the monotony gets to me sometimes. But that's not a knock on homemaking. Every job get tedious, right? Do professional athletes ever tire of the repetitive drills they do in practice? They still do them. And I still do my exercises, half-heartedly. I still clean clean my toilets and mop my floors.

Then one day, it all clicks back. Suddenly a renewed enthusiasm is sparked and I go about my daily activities with zest and youthful energy.

Can one will the motivation to return? Or is it just a matter of waiting it out?
Where do you turn for motivation?


kyooty said...

Motivation and toilets? nope, can't get it, don't want to, slave training will have to get it done. :P
I'm not focused. There are days that it hits me, when visitors are coming but I'm a total housework slacker.

Pearl said...

I suppose I am in the same boat...sorta. I am becoming more and more unmotivated. Especially when every time chores need to be done, I get stopped by a baby crying or needing something. I think the motivation just comes in waves. And the motivation can get sucked right out of you so fast by the little ones. Sure it is easy to stay motivated going to work. You don't have to hear any yelling, screaming, crying, dealing with poopy diapers, etc etc etc. You can just sit at your desk and do your work. Undisturbed.(for the most part). You go to lunch. You have grown up conversations. Hopefully you get acknowledged for a job well done. So, I guess what I am saying is that is quite understandable to lose motivation staying at home.

Krista P said...

'If you will it, it will come,' no wait - that's 'if you build it they will come,' so nevermind ;)

I think what motivates me if truly what does, or will, motivate you. I work as hard as I do, because I get a pretty great sense of accomplishment at the end of the day...and if not at the end of the day, the end of the week. I think you're doing an amazing thing - something a lot of women couldn't do. So keep up the good work lady.