Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mothers Day and Bday Party

For Mother's Day, my friend, Ghada, and I took our kids to Michael's for a Mother's Day craft. Ghada always knows when there's something going down at Michael's. Judging from these pictures, you would never guess that Ethan was a nightmare that day. But he was ... so keep that in mind. Or don't, whatever.

all four boys

Gabe showing off his progress

Ethan's hands - because his face was in a contorted scream/spit.


The same friends had a bday party at Pump It Up.

Birthday boy and his mom.


yep, that's me.


kyooty said...

oh you look like you had fun too!! :)

Pearl said...

Well, better late than never on the Mother's Day pics! ha! ;o)

I love that pic of you!