Friday, July 23, 2010

Visit From The Folks

Is this a blog or a scrapbook? Mostly its a scrapbook.

My mom and dad came to visit the second week of June and here are some pictures! This is the first post of a series of pictures from this visit...

My 3 kids watching tv.

Gabriel reading to Papa and Lucy (my "sister")


For one of our outings, I took them down to The Pearl Brewery and Farmer's Market. Then we went for a stroll on the new, super cool, less crowded part of the River Walk.

Its really hard for these kids to act normal for a camera. But isn't my dad handsome?

There is a cool cave area and this fountain is hiding in there.

I still don't know what they were so fascinated with.

More pics to come...


kyooty said...

Wow! that is one awesome cave!!

Ginny Marie said...

Your dad is very handsome!

I've missed a lot of posts...I'll have to come back later to read more! (it's pretty late right now...)