Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ethan's Birthday Fiesta

We throw massive birthday parties for our kids. But lately we have been pondering if this is really worth it. So we decided that for Ethan's 4th birthday we would throw our last massive child's birthday party.

Ever since his 3rd birthday party, he has talked about his 4th birthday party. Every. Single. Day.

Long ago (around Ground Hog Day) he decided on a cowboy theme. After a lot of research we learned that it is crazy expensive to get a pony to a birthday party. For just a little bit more money, we could take the birthday party to the pony, and the goats, and the pigs, and the rabbits, and the giant tortoises, and the llamas....

Birthday boy with goats.

This one reminded me of Duncan.

Cowboy Soso arrives.

Gabriel having a conversation with a couple of eavesdroppers.

After all those months of talking about riding a horse, the birthday boy chickened out. But here is a picture of Sheriff Gabriel saddling up. You see how we can feel a little under appreciated for throwing these parties?

hay ride.

voila! the cake! made by my extraordinary cousin!

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