Sunday, October 19, 2008

Boys Room ReDecorating

Its almost time to redecorate the boys room. Ethan will soon be moving out of his crib and into a big boys bed.

We have been doing a lot thinking about their colors: Elmo Red walls and Grover Blue curtains and ceiling fan. Its cute but not very versatile.

Also we have been shopping for a bunk bed and since they are so doggone expensive B is going to BUILD one for them!
this is the bed he is building

So, here are my questions for any of you who happen to stop by:

1. any color suggestions? I'd like something sort of muted and neutral so we can change the theme by adding accessories (The Hulk or Skateboarding or Spongebob or Transformers, etc). Maybe even add a chair rail?

2. B and I are in disagreement about the bunk bed. I don't think bunk beds use box springs and he thinks they do. Neither of us ever actually had a bunk bed growing up so we are disagreeing about something that we know nothing about. Does anyone know for sure?


Anonymous said...

I have never seen a bunk bed with a box spring, usually they just come with a cheap mattress(not very supportive), but i would recommend to spend the extra few bucks and get a nice firm hogh quality mattress(s) so they will last, im hoping for siobhans to last her untill she moves out!, lol, it even has a 10 year warranty.

Krista P said...

P's bunk doesn't have box springs. That's teh extent of my bunk bed knowledge.

Are you asking about paint/stain for the bed, or for the walls?

I'll have to go sit in my thinking chair (and watch Candice Olson).

I do love teh design of that bed!