Saturday, October 18, 2008

this makes it worth it....

Ethan spilled an entire bowl of (dry) cheerios on the kitchen floor while I was in the restroom.

Gabriel got the dust buster down and cleaned the mess up before I returned to the kitchen.

But I wasn't far away and heard the dust buster...

Me: What were you using the dust buster for?

Gabriel: Ethan spilled his cheerios.

Me: So you cleaned them up for him?

Gabriel: yes.

Me: Wow! You are such a good brother and a good helper for mommy. I'm so glad you are my son!

(pause while I was registering what just took place)

Me: I love you, Gabe.

Gabriel: I love you too mommy, and I am glad you are my mommy.

You may now feel free to barf! Meanwhile, I don't ever EVER EVER want to forget that moment.

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Krista P said...

I agree, moments like that are unforgettable. Too too sweet.