Monday, October 13, 2008


I AM NOT WEARING MAKE UP IN THESE PHOTOS! Nor have I done my eyebrows in a long time, let's just say I'm on the verge of cave woman status. Consider yourself warned, proceed if you dare.

This one was taken after bath time. He had already rubbed some bubbles off by the time I got my camera.

The following pictures were taken during bedtime. We were being silly.

Gabriel took this one and even though the boys' room is a disaster I told him it would be on the blog. Isn't that funny how our kids ask, "Are you taking a picture for the blog, mommy?" No other generation before heard that question.

I applied Dave's Midnight Sepia to this one. Just trying to hide some of my imperfections. The camera doesn't lie - but photoshop does!

It actually rained in SA today! So we played Cooties.

And B made me a latte with french press coffee (my favorite).


Kellan said...

Those are darling pictures of you and your boys - you are so cute and so are they! I wish it would have rained again today - I love the rain and love how it makes you just want to stay inside and do nothin' but relax. When the sun is out it makes me feel like I need to be out in it!

Have a good afternoon, Bex - see you soon - Kellan

Krista P said...

Best looking cavewoman ever.
E V E R!

G is ever so tallented with the camera. Perhaps when you get your D80 he can inherit your camera?

I miss cooties. I had no idea they resurected them. Well, cheers to the rainy day.

The Stiletto Mom said...

Your boys? Are adorable. And you? Don't need makeup. Or photoshop. I'd save so much money if I could look like that au naturale!

Nadine said...

Thanks for stopping by.

Your boys are adorable. I may be new around here, but you look great without any makeup. I make small children cry if I dare proceed out of the house.