Thursday, October 2, 2008

it's good to be messy

I look back on my days before I had children with great fondness and sentiment, especially the bit about my AR cleaning habits. Back in the day I regularly cleaned ceiling fan blades, the tops of doorways, light fixtures, the base boards, and everything in between. I used to Windex the pictures hanging on my walls and dust the frames twice a month. And so on, and so forth - you get the drift....

With a four year old and a (nearly) two year old, I find that sort of standard of cleanliness does nothing more than drive me crazy! So over the last four years I have learned to let go of some things. Let the dishes sit in the sink. Save time by cleaning the main areas of the floors, but leave the dust bunnies under the furniture to their reproducing nature.

So when this happened, my old ways came back to haunt me.
I think my heart stopped beating in my chest for a few seconds. Then it occurred to me, it's PLAYDOH! Let it go, sit down with him and get jiggy with it!

Of course, that was fun but when it was so mixed up I couldn't figure out how to put it back in the containers - it all dried up and now the poor kid hasn't got any playdoh.


Kellan said...

That's funny - my heart would have stopped too - HA! So important to keep those colors separated - hee hee!

Cute picture.

Take care and have a good weekend - Kellan

Krista P said...

I feel ya kid.

I've found that what works best in my house (for both playdough & moon sand) is to just break up the mass into equal parts, regardless of color, and drop it back into the container.

I'm proud of you!