Thursday, June 4, 2009

FFF: Take me out to the ball game

Woooooo Woooooo! All aboard! The Funky Foto Flashback train is leaving the station!

Its baseball season! We are on our way to a Cardinal's game - at the old Busch Stadium.

circa:1988, age11

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We play every Thursday. If you can't join us today, join us next week!
Look who's already in the game!

Casey at HASAY
Mrs. Bear at Outnumbered Two to One


Casey said...

Is it just me or were your eyes a little whacked out in that first shot? ;)

Cute pictures, you guys went all out for the ball games!

kyooty said...

Great picture, :)

Nadine said...

Love it. Great glasses.

skyesofblue said...

I got here from a tag. I look forward to following you.

Great picture !

Sprite's Keeper said...

I keep looking forward to these! I'm just gonna grab one of Sprite's baby pictures and make that my flashback since John won't BUY ME A SCANNER!
... He needs to read the comment to get the hint, doesn't he??

Mrsbear said...

Sorry it took me so long to get over here. You looked like a fun kid to have around. Love the wacky glasses.

Krista P said...