Monday, June 8, 2009

HASAY: margheritas, naps and other excuses

HASAY is the brilliant online support group for struggling dieters and exercisers the world over.

Do you know what happens when you are 31 years old and take naps instead of working out for 2 weeks?

Do you know what happens when you take Paxil?

Do you know what happens when your friends, inspired by the summer heat, pour you refreshing, frozen adult beverages?

Do you know what happens when sadness overcomes you and you just figure that you might as well not exercise because who cares?

The answer: WEIGHT GAIN

Today, out of pity for my own mental health and the waist line of my summer wardrobe - I got back on the horse. Thankfully my food intake wasn't totally ruined - with the exception of adult beverages.

This was my wagon...

(adapted from P90X - which i have been doing off and on since 2007)

exercise: 1st round reps / 2nd round reps

push ups 10 / 10

wide fly pull ups* 8 / 7

military push ups 10/10**

reverse grip pull ups* 8 / 6

wide fly push ups 8 / 5**

closed grip pull ups* 7 / 3

decline push ups 8 / 6

heavy pants (8lb weights) 12 / 8

diamond push ups 3** / 4**

lawn mowers (8lb weights) 12 / 10

dive bombers 3 / 3

* with a chair to support the weight of my legs

** on knees

Tune in next week for week two of being on the wagon ... or not.


Nadine said...

I'm tired reading that post. That seems like lots of exercise. I hope it gets easier as time goes on. Go Bex!

for a different kind of girl said...

I have friends who do P90X (and I've watched the infomercials) and I think it would kill me! I wish you luck climbing back on the wagon. I'm committing to doing the same thing, but I've been using the Turbo Jam DVDs. I love doing them, but I still have to talk myself into doing them every day!

kyooty said...

What is a lawnmower? I'm going to have to go great googly moogly that one. Way to go on the program! I'm all excited I did 1h2m on my wiifit today.
I was talking to a woman last wednesday after the altar of truth, her daughter was being tested for something and she had to do pushups full on man ones but with her hands crossed in the center! OMGGGG I will never try to be a firefighter now.

The Stiletto Mom said... are serious! Hubs got me the EA Sports for Wii two weeks ago? Yeah, it's still sitting in the case. I need to get busy!

Heather said...

Yickes!!! Will you be sore tommorrow???

Sprite's Keeper said...

Well, congrats to you! I'm impressed and a little ashamed of my own efforts!

Mrsbear said...

I struggle with motivation every single week. And my wagon just keeps passing me by, nobody even bothers to wave at me anymore as I sit by the sidelines munching on scones. Bummer.

Casey said...

Well look at you joining the club once and for all, yay! Don't worry, you're already waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of me on the exercise routine so you started ahead of the game. I've been having those down weeks lately but instead of the margaritas, I've been hitting junk food. I think my ass has doubled in size, help!

Keely said...


I miss naps.

Did I miss the point, too?

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Hop on the wagon. I'll join you in spirit this week :)

Fantastic Forrest said...

Yay, you, for getting back on the horse. Or the wagon. Or the horsewagon. Whichever. Excellent work!

The good news is that all that exercise should help with the sadness, and maybe eventually reduce the need for Paxil (thus not having the bothersome side effects).

Krista P said...

I'm totally jumping on the wagon...not that Grace's pilates class isn't kicking my arse enough, but once a week doesn't cu tit. I'll be in touch for some guidance.