Friday, September 10, 2010

Gabriel's nightmare

This morning, I went to wake G up for school. He asked me to cuddle with him for a few minutes. So I cozied into his bed. He dozed back asleep. I shook him gently, "hey, kid, you gotta wake up for school. Carpe diem." He replied, "Wait mom, I had a really bad dream. Let me have a good dream then I will go to school." My heart sank. I totally know how he feels. But no, the first bell waits for no one.

This evening, when I tucked him back into bed, he offered to tell me about hid dream last night.

He turned into a snake. If that wasn't bad enough. I was there (in person form) with someone I know (also in person form). She had a son (a snake too). Daddy was at home sleeping. That son didn't like Gabriel and so Gabriel didn't like him either. We were in place with lots of doors and chairs. He and the son were at the first chair. The son slithered away, so he followed him even though he knew he shouldn't. But I was just there watching.

Isn't that crazy?

I said a prayer for Gabriel and Ethan.

Then Ethan said, "I want to go into that boy snake's head and kick him in the brain."

How's that for brotherly love?

And now I leave you with a picture (because I'm compulsive about that sort of thing). This is my houseplant. I've had it since May and not yet killed it. A new record!

ONE MORE THING: In the car this evening, Ethan was on one of "why?" "why?" "why?" things - finally I just said, "Oh Ethan, you exasperate me." Ethan said, "What does exsaterate mean?" And Gabriel! My brilliant just turned 6 years old child said, "that means you are frustrating mommy." I about died right there.


Pearl said...

HAHAHA! That Gabe is one smart cookie!!!! Just remind yourself that all the "Why?" questions, no matter how exhausting, are a sign of intelligence.

You are a good mama!

Miss you! xoxo

Ginny Marie said...

How amazing that Gabriel remembered his dream, and was able to tell you about so many hours later! I usually forget my dreams as soon as I get out of bed!

Kate said...

So funny! I love the picture. I have a black thumb too!